Your February 2020 Horoscopes

February starts in one place and ends…somewhere else entirely. The beginning of the month is defined by Mercury gliding into dreamy Pisces on the 3rd, followed by Venus rushing into excitable Aries on the 7th. Together, these shifts improve our intuition and revamp our confidence, culminating in a gorgeous full moon in Leo on the 9th. Let’s make the most of this tiny taste of summer in the dead of winter.

On the 16th, everything changes. First, Mercury stations retrograde—yes, it’s that time of year again!—very close to disillusioned Neptune. Later that day, action planet Mars moves into Capricorn—the sign of its exaltation (aka where it does very, very well). While Mercury retrograde in Pisces gets us lost in a dream, Mars in Capricorn desperately wants us to get it right. This push and pull between deep fantasy and hard reality defines the rest of the month into March. 

The sun moves into Pisces on the 19th (happy birthday to our Pisces babes!), and the new moon in our spacey yet wise water sign on the 23rd provides a lovely dose of optimism. In a year filled to the brim with some rough astrological tides, this lunation is an opportunity for a well-earned leap of faith. For now, the water’s warm, so let’s swim.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

10 aquarius

Everything is still about you at the top of the month, dear Aquarius. But on the 9th, the full moon in Leo shifts the focus to your commitments. Spend the remaining days of your season frequenting the zero-waste coffee shop in your neighborhood (and getting to know the owner) or organizing parties (that are also phone banking sessions) with your favorite people. Make that change happen.

On the 16th, Mercury stations retrograde in the part of your chart that represents your personal income and values. This can be a time when lots of money is coming in and immediately going out. With Mars entering Capricorn, stress and anxiety are high. Calm your nerves by checking in with your bank account when you can (skip overly detailed budgeting) and consider your expenditures carefully. 

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, take some time to set intentions around your finances. How much are you making now, and how much would you like to be making in six months? Your outlook improves when a missing check finally arrives on the 25th. Plan for abundance.

11 pisces

Get in all the downtime you can while it’s still Aquarius season, because once the sun enters Pisces on the 19th, you’re in the spotlight. You get a preview of what’s to come on the 3rd when Mercury enters your sign, and you can’t help but spin your ideas into poems. Who cares? Send that email as a haiku. On the 9th, the full moon in Leo forces you to deal with something you’ve avoided. Don’t get stuck at the DMV or renewing your passport while everyone else is partying. Try to plan ahead. 

An identity crisis coincides with Mercury stationing retrograde on the 16th. Who are you really? Don’t get a drastic haircut or change your style on a whim. On the 20th, a compliment from a friend calms you down. The people who have your back really love you.

Your season kicks off on the 19th (happy birthday to you!) and is followed by a new moon in your sign on the 23rd. Self-care isn’t just about face masks and unlimited matcha lattes. It’s about taking care of the hard things too. Commit to something scary that guarantees growth.

12 aries

You’re feeling yourself this month, Aries! Venus moves into your sign on the 7th, and suddenly, you feel compelled to buy a red leather jacket and go to the office in a crop top. At the full moon in Leo on the 9th, romance is in the air. Celebrate with a date night—even if you have to be your own date!

A big change in your career is possible as Mars shifts into Capricorn on the 16th. What gave you trouble back in January is now fueling your flame. You have become an outspoken advocate for both your own needs and those of your colleagues. Your proposal for a major improvement at the office (seltzer on tap, anyone?) should go well on the 21st. Don’t hesitate. Bring it up! 

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rd is a time for you to reset and recharge. Take the day off from work if you can or spend the evening with some hot tea, a clay mask and your favorite book. What remains when you halt the hustle and look away from the screen?

1 taurus

On the 7th, Venus moves into your unconscious sector. This is a great moment to prioritize alone time. Something in the overall structure of your life needs to change, but the only way to figure it out is with a little distance. That answer might come to you during meditation or in an email from a trusted mentor on the 23rd. Celebrate the full moon in Leo on the 9th with a cozy party at home (doesn’t an Oscars pajama party sound fun?). 

As Mercury stations retrograde on the 16th, your inbox fills up with messages from former colleagues and long lost friends wanting to catch up (or request you write them a rec letter for grad school). Remember you don’t have to reconnect with everyone for the sake of it, so wait until the 25th to schedule any dates.

Use the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd as an opportunity to broaden your social circle. If you’ve long wanted to attend a glassblowing class or get involved in a local activist group, this is the time to go to a meeting. It’s time to be more intentional.

2 gemini

As Mercury moves into Pisces on the 3rd, you’re not just feeling inspired, but you’re also being applauded for your creativity. Your opinions are in high demand from friends, coworkers and lovers alike. On the 5th, a vision comes to you in a dream. Keep the brilliance to yourself, though, and work on it privately for a while.

At the full moon in Leo on the 9th, you are overwhelmed by a visit from out-of-town family or an endless list of errands and to-do’s. If you’re feeling resentful about the responsibility and attention, think back to a time when you were much more isolated or bored. Be thankful for all the things and people filling your days. 

Hopefully you wrote down all those amazing ideas at the top of the month, because words are harder to come by when Mercury stations retrograde on the 16th. It might leave you feeling like you can’t win with your clients, your boss or your collaborators. Thankfully, things should ease up after the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd. Use this lunation to set intentions about your career.

3 cancer

Venus enters Aries on the 7th, giving your public image a major boost. You are learning that although you naturally nurture, coddling people gets you nowhere. You’re finally asserting yourself (in public!) and getting respect from colleagues and friends alike. The full moon in Leo on the 9th is all about money for you. Expect a raise.

On the 16th, time slows down. Conflict is possible with your partner as Mars enters Capricorn and an old argument resurfaces. This time, though, you have the energy to work through it together. Wax poetic on your ideals and get on the same page. This conversation continues through the end of the month but reaches a turning point on the 21st. Keep listening.

Daydreams about getting away arrive with the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd. When was the last time you took a real vacation? So many of your recent trips have been for work or a family emergency. But if you had the choice, where would you go? Do some searching now but wait until Mercury stations direct on March 9th to book anything.

4 leo

The full moon on the 9th is all about you, Leo! Your birthday isn’t for six months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. What intentions did you set around self-care at the new moon in Leo on July 31, 2019? How have you shown up for yourself since then? Celebrate the lunation with your favorite meal in your favorite outfit with your favorite people. Shower yourself with love.

On the 16th, Mars enters the part of your chart that represents breaking a sweat. So it’s time for you to put in reps at the gym. Strength training could be especially beneficial for you at this time. If you have some extra cash, hire a trainer. With Mercury retrograde’s confusing influence this month, you go harder when you have to live up to someone else’s expectations.

The new moon on the 23rd is all about settling debts and facing the skeletons in your closet. Have you been avoiding a certain ex-roommate or difficult family member? Maybe it’s time to finally call an accountant and file four years of back taxes. If you lean into it, a cosmic boost on the 24th pushes you to get it done.

5 virgo

This month is all about your closest relationships, dear Virgo. On the 3rd when Mercury moves into Pisces and your relationship sector, resist the urge to nitpick and let your conversations be about big feelings. Whether that’s finally having the “So...are we having kids?” talk with your S.O. or scheming a product launch with your business partner, go deep. Future planning is especially potent on the 5th and 28th when Mercury connects with radical Uranus.

The full moon in Leo on the 9th falls in your unconscious sector. Whether you’re heading to a yoga retreat or doing a one-day digital detox, let your private world be a sanctuary. You struggle sometimes with not being fully seen and letting yourself shine. Appreciate your own power.

As Mercury stations retrograde on the 16th, a conversation you thought you’d already hashed out with your spouse—or work spouse—resurfaces. The conversation wasn’t closed on their end and there’s still a lot to discuss. Though you wish the problem would simply fade away, let the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd be the time to refresh your commitments. Show up for others so you can show up for yourself.

6 libra

Venus moves into Aries on the 7th and you are on the prowl for love. Though you usually let fantasy reign, remember that relationships don’t appear out of thin air! You have to flirt! Throw a party for the full moon in Leo on the 9th and invite literally all of your friends. Who knows, a cute stranger who tags along with your college roommate might be the one.

Though you just got settled in a new apartment (or picked a new paint color for the living room), the urge to move takes over as Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th. Instead of throwing it all away and moving to Paris, double down on the commitments you’ve already made. Get some throw pillows to match the walls and tell your landlord you want to add a year onto your lease.

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rd—paired with the ongoing Mercury retrograde in the wise water sign—leads you to reconsider your daily rituals. How can you freshen up your routine? We all have to work (until someone cancels capitalism), so find a way to look forward to the things you must do.

7 scorpio

The full moon in Leo on the 9th marks a huge moment for your career. What intentions did you set for your professional life at the new moon in Leo on July 31, 2019? How are those wishes coming to fruition now? Days at the office are sweeter lately as you come into your own as a leader. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished with those who helped you along the way.

As Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th, whether it’s organizing your sister’s bridal shower, coordinating several short trips for work or shuttling the kids from one activity to the next, your daily schedule is more intense than usual. With Mercury simultaneously stationing retrograde, lovers form the past are popping out of the woodwork. Don’t use the ghosts as a distraction. Focus on the tasks at hand.

The sun enters Pisces on the 19th, and on the 23rd there is a sweet new moon in the fish’s sign. How can you renew your relationship with creativity? Sure, you are being recognized for ingenuity at work, but what really nourishes your soul? Set intentions around making time for what you love.

8 sagittarius

The beginning of the month is a whirlwind for you, Sagittarius. As Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd, you can’t help but notice how disorganized things have become at home. Do some cleaning before the full moon in Leo on the 9th, when you are off on a long-awaited vacation. Even if it’s just for the weekend, get out of the winter cold and have some fun in the sun. 

On the 16th, you’re in for a rude awakening as Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces and every possible thing that could go wrong at your house does. The toilet won’t stop running. Your kids drew “self-portraits” in permanent marker on the walls. These dilemmas have you shelling out more money than you budgeted for your housekeeping this month, but don’t skimp on the cleanup. Do it right. 

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, take some time to set some intentions about what you want from your family. This can be about your family of origin or your chosen people. How can you better keep in touch with your faves who live far away? Make some phone calls, send some emails and get those photos framed and on the wall.


As Venus enters Aries and your home sector on the 7th, you are ready to redecorate! Rather than your usual minimalism, you want to add some flair to your space. Start small with something like a statement rug or a conversation piece of a teakettle. At the full moon in Leo on the 9th, you finally receive payment on an invoice you’ve been chasing for months. Celebrate with a craft cocktail and put the rest in savings.

On the 16th, Mars enters your sign and you are feeling more energized than usual. Your cheeks are permanently rosy with determination. Unfortunately, Mercury stations retrograde simultaneously and starts wreaking havoc on your daily routine. How can you get things accomplished without sticking to a set schedule?

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, spend some time considering how to be more intentional with communication. How can you prioritize keeping in touch with your sister and faraway friends? It’s definitely time to start journaling again and to set up a fresh organization system for your inbox. Release the pressure to immediately respond.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...