Apparently, Going Green Makes People Highly Attractive Dating Candidates

Green eyes with flecks of hazel. A jawline so sharp it could cut a diamond. Humorous. Kind. Does not obsessively talk about NFTs. We’ve all got a list of qualities and green flags we’re looking for in potential partners, things that make them stand out from the sea of hundreds of matches. In addition to the typical things people seek when dating, it also appears that it’s very attractive to be green. According to a survey conducted by Velotric Bike, a sustainable electric bike company, environmental consciousness is a highly desirable trait for prospective daters, especially among Gen Z. What can we say? No one likes a climate criminal. The poll of over 1,000 Americans revealed which eco-friendly (or not) habits were the top red and green flags, the best app for finding an environmentally conscious partner and how likely people were to break up (or be dumped) by someone over their lack of eco-conscious behavior.  

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The Top Green and Red Flags 

Do you bike to work? Fifty-seven percent of respondents reported this as their top green flag, followed by driving an electric car, being a nature lover, toting reusable grocery bags and having a reusable water bottle. Meanwhile, red flag number one was being a global warming denier, with 45 percent of participants saying that was their top red flag, in addition to littering, wasting food and not recycling. 

Other traits that made the top ten green flags included mentioning “eco-friendly” in one’s dating profile, forgoing disposable straws, growing one’s own food and commuting via public transit. 

Differences in Sustainability Commitments Caused Tension Between Partners 

According to the survey, nearly 80 percent of respondents reported that disagreements over eco-consciousness had led to conflicts in their relationships, and 82 percent said they’ve argued over habits that aren’t good for the environment.  

Those arguments can ultimately put the relationship in jeopardy—52 percent of people sharing that they’ve broken up with someone over their unsustainable habits. Sixty percent said they were the one who had been dumped.  

The Top Eco-Friendly Dates 

Going green can be anything but boring. The poll also parsed out respondents’ favorite eco-friendly dates, with the top five being picnics, camping, bike rides, walks on the beach and gardening. Notably, women’s most preferred activity was bike riding, while men opted for camping. 

The Best App to Meet Climate-Minded People

So where does one meet other climate-minded people? According to Velotric Bike’s findings, Bumble was the top place for eco-friendly daters. While just another quality in an ocean that people are looking for, the numbers sure are interesting. So get out there, tree huggers.   

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