Dyson Just Released a Self-Cleaning Humidifier & It’s a Total Game-Changer

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It goes without saying that wellness is on the brain these days and, with all of us cooped up indoors, extra attention is being paid to the air quality of each room in the house. I, for one, have been exceptionally mindful of opening the windows—regardless of the forecast—simply to let fresh air in. But when I close the windows, the stale air in my home feels dry, meaning I wake up with both my skin (and mouth, ew) feeling parched.

That’s where Dyson’s brand-new Pure Humidify+Cool comes in. It’s part humidifier, part air purifier, part cooling fan. In fact, the air flow it generates is designed to mimic the light breeze you might experience while lying on the beach. It’s also self-cleaning. Still, is it worth the $800 price tag? We put it to the test.

1. Let’s Talk About the New (and Improved) Tech

The biggest pain point of earlier Dyson humidifier models has always been the arduous cleaning process. As in, you need to almost completely disassemble the whole thing and then soak it in citric acid. But there’s also the tiny—and somewhat awkward—hole in the water tank that is nearly impossible to balance and fill. 

But with the new (and greatly improved) Pure Humidify+Cool, cleaning is practically automatic. Instead of deconstructing the entire device, now all you have to do is remove the 3D air-mesh evaporator (a fancy word for the part that actively blocks bacteria from growing in the first place), drop it in the reservoir (aka the water tank), add a bit of water and citric acid and—this is where the magic happens—press a button to activate the automatic cleaning cycle. It takes about an hour, and the whole process is done.

But that’s not all: Dyson went ahead and updated the size of the fill hole in the water tank, too. Now, it’s actually half the size of the entire tank, which makes it a cinch to swiftly refill all five liters.

2. But Does the 3-in-1 Design Really Work? Based on Our Experience, Yes

As we said before, the hybrid design includes an air purifier, humidifier and fan, all of which can be monitored and adjusted remotely via the Dyson Link app.

In terms of the humidifier, let me preface this by saying that ahead of trying out the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, I tested a drugstore option that I happened to have on hand. After a few nights of use, I found myself still waking up feeling overheated and parched, with a stream of condensation running down the windows in my bedroom. (The aftermath of over-humidification, ugh.) When I tested the Dyson, by contrast, it gave me much more control when it came to my desired humidity levels. I chose 50 percent as a starting point, and a few hours later, the room felt comfortable, but not too moist. You know that feeling when you’re hit by a wall of humidity upon entering a room? This was nothing like that. After a week spent sleeping in this climate, I noticed even the skin on my face felt less dry and I was no longer waking up desperate for a glass of water. Two major wins.

The Humidify+Cool features a HEPA filter that captures 99.97 percent of particles ranging from bacteria, pollen and other allergens, but also gases like nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde, all of which gets reported in detail on the app. Yes, it’s gross but also kinda cool. The Dyson app also makes it possible to regularly check in on the status of the room so you always know the quality of the air you’re breathing. Say, it drops from “good” to “fair”? The machine will automatically amp up its effort to stabilize. Also, worth noting: My husband, who’s allergies tend to peak this time of year, notices a vast difference (i.e., less coughing, less sneezing) when he spends time in the same room as the Dyson vs. the rest of the house.

Last, but not least, the fan has also been updated. No, it doesn’t cool the room like an A/C unit would, but it simulates the effect of an ocean breeze via oscillating barrels on both sides that rotate independently of each other. Trust me, it feels like you’re being kissed by the wind.

3. The Price Tag Is Steep, But It’s a Good Investment

I agree, $800 is a lot to shell out—but the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool has already proven itself a workhorse and one that feels seasonless for my family. The humidifier is clutch in the winter; the fan is an essential come summer; and the air purifier is something valuable year-round.

Plus, the self-cleaning functionality alone is a game-changer, IMO. I can’t tell you the number of times my own laziness has ruled when it comes to cleaning my humidifier. It’s caused me to simply unplug and turn it off, prioritizing my time (and, frankly, sanity) over my dehydrated skin. Not good. At last, Dyson has solved for that. Bravo.


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