The 2-Second Trick for Covering a Bad Smell (Like the One Sitting Next to You on a Plane)

Kindle, trashy tabloids, plenty of candy and a sleep mask. Yep, you’re totally prepped and zenned out for this flight. Nice going. But wait…what’s that…smell? Unfortunately, we’ve all had to cope with an inescapable smelly setting—whether it’s on a six-hour flight or in the trash bin under the sink. So for those circumstances when one more sniff will put you over the edge, here’s the super quick remedy.

The solution: Go into your purse and grab your ChapStick or lip balm, preferably that herbal or minty one. Now, swipe a couple strokes between your upper lip and nostrils. Breathe in, breathe out—the smell’s not as toxic, right? In fact, all you can smell is minty-fresh goodness. Ahhhh. 

Why it works: When the ChapStick is right under your nose, it overpowers any other scent in the area. While something like Vicks VapoRub would work too, it gets kinda runny and messy (plus, you’re probably more likely to have Burt’s Bees on hand). 

Time to wake up and smell the roses…well, at least you’ll be able to eat your Skittles without gagging.