Our Favorite Mattress Just Got So Much Better

We've long loved Casper mattresses for their ease of purchase (you buy online and they arrive all neat and tidy in a box), ability to test-drive (you can try one for 100 nights and return if you're not happy) and general comfort-level. (Seriously: It is truly the most comfortable mattress of all time.) 

So naturally we were beyond-bonkers-thrilled to learn they're getting even better this summer.

Yep, as of summer 2017, Casper mattresses include two pretty cool enhancements. First, of all there's a new foam top-layer developed by the industry's leading polymer chemists designed to improve both durability and thermal performance (read: super cool on summer nights). Secondly, all Caspers now come with a zip-off cover, making it easy to give your mattress a spot-clean, should you accidentally drop your ice cream cone while eating it in bed. (What? Just us?)

Cheers to better sleep...and fully-sanctioned eating in bed.

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