Carrie Underwood Dishes on Her Best Fitness Advice

When we think of Carrie Underwood, we suddenly get the urge to belt “Jesus Take the Wheel” at the top of our lungs…preferably while driving with the windows open. But in reality, Underwood represents so much more than good ole country music. She’s a mother, wife, author, entrepreneur…the list goes on. One thing that’s for sure: Fitness is a super important part of Underwood’s life. So much so that she created her own fitness apparel brand CALIA by Carrie Underwood and a fitness mobile app fit52

So, what does fitness really mean to her? It’s all about feeling her best self and setting a good example for her family. In order to keep herself hydrated properly throughout the day, Underwood relies on BODYARMOR SportWater because it’s high alkaline water, offers beneficial electrolytes and tastes delicious. And if you need that extra push to get through a workout, watch the video above for Underwood’s advice.


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