13 Calming Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About the World Right Now

No matter where you live, the world outside of your cozy home (or cramped apartment) is a bit of a mess right now. The coronavirus is making us change so many things about our daily routines and has removed a sense of normalcy from, well, everything. So when your work-from-home situation starts to get old, like when you have seven video conferences to take and the kids are going stir-crazy in the background, having something at your fingertips to help you feel grounded and tranquil is clutch. That’s why we rounded up these 13 calming pictures that are pretty much guaranteed to help you feel better—at least for the next five minutes.

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1. This landscape was captured in the U.K. from a town called Little Langdale. The deep valley surrounded by hills and mountains looks like it would be the perfect place to take a few deep breaths of cool, crisp air. Ahhhh.

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2. We imagine pure relaxation feels like kicking your feet up on a calm body of water in Cape Province, South Africa.

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3. That moment when your little bundle of joy is asleep and you get to nod off, too. Shhh, don’t disturb them.

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4. This pic of a bright blue empty sky made us take a deep breath, even from the confines of our couch. The idea of that much O2 is calming.

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5. A museum that isn’t too crowded? Sign us up. We’ll take a calming yet intellectually stimulating afternoon surrounded by art any day.

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6. This very green picture was taken in Bali, an island known for restfulness and luxuriation among nature. (It’s also the number one destination on our bucket list.)

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7. It looks a little chilly, but hear us out: What’s more comforting than snuggling up with a cozy blanket and a hot mug of tea in the fall? Add a beautiful perch (or a whole weekend house!) on the water and you’ve got an actual fantasy.

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8. Give us a book, a nice hot cup of coffee and a quiet place to sit and read in silence. Yup, we’re as happy as can be.

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9. The Bøkeskogen (or beech forest) in Larvik, Norway, is full of bright colors and the soothing sounds of a tree-dense wooded area. We can hear the birds chirping now.

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10. When was the last time you were worry-free enough to kick back and take a nap in the middle of the day? Channel her and give it a whirl to calm the nerves.

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11. This serene landscape pic was taken in Canada. We don’t know what we love most: the ideal blend of cool colors, the pastel mountains or the water that’s so still you’d swear it was glass.

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12. After getting the zoomies and chasing sticks all day, pups need to wind down and relax, too. This shot of a calm baby bulldog is picture-perfect.

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13. A bubble bath with a drink in hand and candles already lit. Need we say more?

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