British Dating Slang You Need to Know, in Case You Get Your Shot with Idris Elba, Andrew Garfield or Harry Styles

Your guide to bantering, snogging and shagging

British dating slang: collage of actors
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Just when you figured out "soonicorn" and started "dawn dating," perhaps it's time to understand what all those Brits mean with terms like "peng," "punching" and "cracking on." (You know, in case you're chatting with Harry Styles.) Because while the volume and speed of international communication has increased greatly (thanks, internet!) in the century since George Bernard Shaw quipped that “England and America are two countries separated by a common language,” there’s still lots of opportunity for misunderstandings.

Clear up any potential miscommunication with a glance at this mini-dictionary of 17 contemporary slang terms from Flirtini, an international dating app. Note: Flirtini originates in England ,but is used by people in Europe and the U.S. who appreciate the fun of flirting—which, unsurprisingly, is easier to do when you actually understand what kind of social intercourse is being joked about.

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1. On the Pull

Means: Looking for sex
Example: It’s been a while since I got some action… Maybe I should go out on the pull tonight.

2. Chat up

Means: Trying to pick someone up, mainly by being witty
Example: I’ve been chatting him up for ages, but he doesn’t seem interested.

3. Up the duff

Means: To be pregnant
Example: I’ve been feeling sick all morning… I think I might be up the duff.

4. Peng

Means: Attractive or appealing
Example: Did you see that woman at the bar? She’s so peng. I think I’ll go buy her a drink.

5. Fit

Means: Sexually attractive
Example: Olivia looks proper fit tonight. I wish she’d show some interest.

6. Buff

Means: Sexy
Example: Has James been working out? He wasn’t that buff the last time I saw him.

7. Bonk

Means: To have sex
Example: I really want to, but I promised myself we wouldn’t bonk before the third date.

8. Randy

Means: Turned on
Example: Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? I’m feeling a little bit randy.

9. Cheeky

Means: Naughty or forward
Example: Paul just told me my bum looks nice in this dress. He’s so cheeky.

10. Starkers

Means: Naked
Example: Jess is coming over tonight. I’ll give it five minutes before we’re both starkers.

11. Shag

Means: To have casual sex
Example: We’re not together or anything. It was just a shag.

12. Snog

Means: To make out
Example: It was the perfect date. We even had a snog outside the restaurant after dinner.

13. Banter

Means: Light-hearted teasing
Example: He kept mocking my hairstyle, but it was just a bit of banter… I think.

14. Punching

Means: Dating someone that is more attractive
Example: She’s easily the most attractive person I’ve ever dated. I’m definitely punching.

15. Cracking on

Means: Getting to know someone romantically
Example: I like you, you like me, so let’s crack on and get to know each other.

16. Buzzing

Means: Happy or excited
Example: I had a great time last night and I’m buzzing to see you again.

17. Pissed

Means: To be drunk
Example: This movie is awful… Should we go to the pub and get pissed instead?

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