These Athletes Won’t Hit the Gym Without BODYARMOR ZERO SUGAR (& Neither Will Olivia Culpo)

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If you appreciate a good sweat session, you already know it’s important to stay hydrated. But as warmer weather approaches—and those sessions turn, well, really sweaty—it’s even more vital to replenish your hardworking body with the electrolytes it needs. Unfortunately, most of the sports drinks out there are chockfull of sugar and other artificial stuff you don’t want. That’s why when we found out about BODYARMOR ZERO SUGAR, a new, better-for-you sports beverage that’s also Olivia Culpo’s favorite way to hydrate, we were immediately intrigued. So we partnered with some of our favorite athletes and influencers to do their own taste-tests and give us their expert opinions. Spoiler alert: They’re never hitting the gym again without one of these bad boys in their bags.  

Before fitness trainer Sarah Ryan heads to the gym, she gives three BODYARMOR ZERO SUGAR flavors a try, ultimately taking her fave, “refreshing” lemon-lime, along for a conditioning sesh. And aside from the great taste, Sarah also loves that each bottle contains zero sugar, zero grams of carbs, no artificial sweeteners or dyes and no colors from artificial sources.

Fitness aficionado Brianna Socker digs the fruit punch flavor and praises the macros on each bottle of BODYARMOR ZERO SUGAR. This drink is ideal if you’re watching carbs and looking to reduce or avoid sugar altogether. Plus, it contains Vitamins B and C, potassium-packed electrolytes and antioxidants and is kosher, gluten-free, caffeine-free and low calorie. 

Meanwhile, Trey Phills makes it clear—the reason he’s such an elite ball player is because he stays hydrated, keeping a BODYARMOR ZERO SUGAR (or three) on his person at all times.  

Athlete and trainer Yaya Tshuma does her own thorough tasting, ultimately giving each flavor her “seal of approval.” So if you’re ready to make like these impressive influencers—not to mention our girl Olivia—good news: You can pick some up online or right at your local Walmart.



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