The 7 Best Apps for Horoscope Lovers

Having the universe at your fingertips may seem like a gimmicky phone slogan, but when we get almost all our other life updates from our phone, using an app for horoscopes only makes sense. For the cosmically inclined commuter or for the astrologically intrigued scroller, here are the best seven apps for horoscope lovers.

Which Wine You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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One of the most detailed (and aesthetically pleasing) horoscope apps available, Co—Star uses AI and data from NASA to generate your compatibility with other signs in intellect and communication, love and pleasure and emotions and moods (among other insights). It also provides a birth chart and lets you keep tabs on friends’ horoscope updates—because of course we need to know why Sarah was being so terse yesterday… (Free for iPhone and coming soon for Android)

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The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope

This app’s motto should be “keep it simple, stupid.” It features daily, weekly and monthly 'scopes that are straightforward and concise, so it’s great for budding zodiac lovers. (Free for iPhone and Android)

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Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

Using Indian or Vedic astrology, which refers to a zodiac system that was documented in the Vedic scriptures, Chaturanga is like carrying around your own sightseer in your pocket. Ask a question about relationships, your career or why you can’t seem to get over last night’s This Is Us finale, and you’ll get an answer from a real-life astrologer. (Free for iPhone and Android, with in-app purchases)

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Oscar & Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

Oscar & Jonathan Cainer Horoscopes

For basic daily, weekly and monthly 'scopes, look no further than this artfully designed app. The best part? You can look back at previous days’ predictions to see how they panned out. (Free for iPhone and Android)

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Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone

Rejoice, stargazers! Famed astrologer Susan Miller has her own app, and it has everything you need to keep on top of what’s ahead with the super in-depth and personalized approach that Miller’s known for. It also contains her live Twitter updates and informative videos. (Free for iPhone and Android, with in-app purchases)

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OK, so you’ll have to purchase your natal chart ($1) each time you want a new reading, and each add-on costs an additional $1. But the sheer volume of info that comes on this app (we’re talkin’ transit updates, planetary signs and arc progressions) makes it worth the few (er, at least 20) bucks you’ll most definitely spend. (Free for iPhone, with in-app purchases)

future life horoscopes app
Future Life: Modern Horoscopes

Future Life: Modern Horoscopes

Run by celeb astrologer David Palmer, aka “The Leo King,” Future Life includes features like horoscopes, health and wellness, love and relationships and card readings. All the readings are faith-based, and some can get pretty spiritual. But, hey, whatever floats your cosmos… (Free for iPhone and Android, with in-app purchases)


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