7 Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning (Don't Worry, You Can Down a Latte Right After)

Your normal a.m. routine goes something like this: Wake up, scroll Instagram, sprint to your coffee machine and whip up a cool, creamy iced latte. But hear us out: While it seems way less appealing, sipping around 20 ounces of water first thing may be better for your health. (Don’t worry, you can still get your caffeine fix immediately after.) Here, seven health benefits of drinking water in the morning. Your body will thank you.

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Why Drink Water in the Morning?

You may be diligent about getting in your eight glasses during the day, but your body naturally loses hydration while you sleep (especially if you snore or breathe through your mouth). To make up for this, your body releases a hormone called Vasopressin to ensure you're retaining water during sleeping hours. Vasopressin ramps up most during later hours of sleep though, so if you're not getting at least eight hours of shuteye, you're more likely to be dehydrated when your alarm goes off in the a.m.

Reaching for H2O in the morning rehydrates your system after its nightly fast. So be sure to chug some water (may we suggest a chic reusable bottle?) before switching to your beloved cold brew. 

7 Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning

1. Improve Your Metabolism

Drinking water (approximately 20 ounces) can increase your metabolic rate by 30 percent, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Having a glass on an empty stomach helps put your body on a path toward more efficient digestion the moment you start your day.

2. Alleviate Heartburn and Indigestion

When you sip a glass first thing in the morning, it cleanses any food acids from your esophagus that worked their way upward while you slept. (It also helps flush acids off your teeth.)

3. Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking water first thing is key to diluting the substances in your urine that can cause kidney stones to form. But remember: Your water intake should amount to at least a half gallon a day to really ward them off, experts say. (Adding a slice of lemon—rich in citric acid—also helps, FYI.)

4. Stop a Headache in Its Tracks

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of that throbbing pain in your skull. Think of a serving of water first thing in the morning as a measure that helps prevent a headache from developing. (Just be sure you keep sipping throughout the day.)

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5. Help Flush Toxins From the Body

It’s all about keeping your small intestine hydrated and your body’s water balance in check. Your gastric emptying rate (i.e., how much you pee) is accelerated by how much water you consume. The more you pee, the more toxins you flush out. It's as simple as that.

6. Keep Things Moving

Yep, a glass of water on an empty stomach also helps regulate your digestion (ahem, your bowel movements) so you get it out of the way first thing.

7. Keep You From Getting Sick

To dodge a cold or the flu, you need to keep your lymphatic system—a vital part of your immune system—hydrated. A glass of water in the morning will help ward off congestion and ensure proper (and efficient) drainage.

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