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Don’t call it “lazy;” we prefer “multitasking.” With these six ballet-inspired moves, you can tone your butt, waist and legs…from bed. Former professional dancers and cofounders of MaZi Dance Fitness Ziba Lennox and Marisol Sarabia (they’re also sisters) designed them, so you know they’re for real. Now, if only we could figure out a way to get the apartment clean while taking a bubble bath.

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attitute crunch


What it targets: Abs and inner thighs

Set up: Lying horizontally, stretch out long with your legs together and your toes pointed. Cross your right leg over your left and use your arms to grab behind the back of the bed for extra support and to engage the core. For extra attitude, cock your head in a sassy fashion.

Movement: Lift your right leg with a bent knee (ballet’s attitude position), bringing your bent knee up as high as you can toward your head and then back down to meet your left leg. Repeat ten reps on the right and switch legs.

5th x cross


What it targets: Core and inner thighs 

Set up: Start similarly to the Attitude Crunch with your body lying down and right leg slightly on top of your left leg, straight and elongated. Place your arms above your head and grab the back of bed, keeping your back placed firmly to the bed.

Movement: Lift your legs off the bed at a 45-degree angle (sorry, we forgot to mention math is involved). Then, crisscross so that your right leg is on top of the left and vice versa. Switching between both legs rapidly, try for 30 reps and pick up the speed as you go.

developpe rise


What it targets: Triceps, core, abductors (aka, buns of steel) and obliques

Set up: Lying on your left side and using your arms to slightly lift your chest up, bring your toes together and bend your knees in an open clam position.

Movement: With your left leg still on your bed for support, stretch your right leg toward the ceiling as straight as possible in a ballet développé. Return to starting position and repeat 20 times. Switch to right side.

lazy pique


What it targets: Core, obliques, inner thighs and abductors 

Set up: Remain on your left side with your knees bent, using your elbow or hand to prop up your shoulders and lift your hips off the bed. Hello, chiseled waist.

Movement: Starting with your legs together and knees still bent, sweep your right leg across your body and down toward the floor, touching the ground with your toes. Bring your leg back to starting position and repeat 20 times. Switch sides. 

bed climber


What it targets: Core, shoulders, arms, bum and lower abs

Set up: Come to a plank position, keeping your arms straight and leaning your weight against the bed. 

Movement: Bring your right knee toward the bed and then back to starting position. After ten reps, pulse your heel back toward the sky for an additional ten reps. Switch legs and repeat. That burning feeling? That’s a good thing.

bed bridge


What it targets: Core, butt and hamstrings

Set up: Ensure your shoulder blades are on the edge of the bed, with both legs stretched forward and your feet together.

Movement: Squeeze your bum and lift your right leg to a 45-degree angle, and then bring it back down. Alternate legs. Repeat with your left leg and aim for ten to 20 reps each.

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