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Are You an Empath?

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You consider yourself pretty damn in tune with your emotions, you’re sympathetic when your friend Kelly vents about her job, and that commercial with puppies in adorable sweaters always makes you misty. But does that mean you’re an empath? Take this quiz to find out.


Pick Your Dream House:

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When You Go To The Movies With A Friend, You…

Have a great time (as long as the movie’s good)

Have a hard time enjoying the movie if your friend isn’t into it

Enjoy yourself even if the movie sucks—it’s the company that counts

Have a blast, as long as there’s no on-screen violence


What Are Your Thoughts On The Mall?

It’s a convenient place to get shopping done

I’m there pretty much every weekend

It’s way too loud and crowded

Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up


You’re On A Dinner Date And Your S.o. Doesn’t Like What They Ordered. You…

Offer them a bite of yours

Spend the rest of the night trying to cheer them up

Enjoy your meal—sucks for them

Make a mental note never to take them to that restaurant again


Pick A ’90s Movie Character:

Touchstone Pictures

Deloris Van Cartier in Sister Act

Paramount Pictures

Jack in Titanic

Paramount Pictures

Cher in Clueless

Working Title Films

The Dude in The Big Lebowski


People Would Describe You As…

An amazing listener


Easygoing and flexible



At Parties, You Can Most Likely Be Found…


Singing into a bottle of tequila


In the corner, listening to Suzy vent about her breakup


By the snack table


At home in PJs by 9 p.m.

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