The 30-1 Method Workout Will Get You Fitter in 15-Minutes

You can do it in your living room

Maybe you’re trying to save some money. (Gym memberships and classes are so pricey.) Or perhaps things are picking up at work. (This includes happy hours.) Whatever the reason, it’s tough to get motivated, and as a result, you’re feeling off your fitness game. Here’s a quick and effective workout from The Biggest Loser’s celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince that can get you leaner in weeks.

What is the 30-1 Method? 

It’s called the 30-1 Method, and it’s a high-intensity, full-body sculpting routine that takes only 15 minutes of your day.

How to do it: 

Perform 30 reps of five key exercises (squats, push-ups, burpees, crunches and tricepsdips) with one-minute rests between each set—hence the name. That’s it! 

Why it works: 

Physically, it gets your heart pumping while targeting your core muscle groups and building strength. Mentally, it’s effective because you have a clear goal in mind with built-in rests (both of which are crucial to getting through a workout). Plus, you can do it anytime, anywhere—like when you’re traveling. Or during a Netflix marathon.

Why Go to the Gym When You Can Work Out at Home?