Want to Look Like a Million Bucks in Your Wedding Pics? Master *This* Pose

By now you know that your left side is your "good side" and that you feel more comfortable in front of a camera when you have a prop to play with. But according to veteran wedding photographer Mike Busada, there's actually one particular way to pose your body that'll make you look next-level uh-mazing in photos. Meet: the "S pose." 

While Busada was kind enough to break down the science behind this posturing for us, note that it's actually a tried-and-true default pose for everyone from celebrities on the red carpet to professionals across the weddings industry.

Here's how to do it, gals: 
Step 1) Turn your body at a slight angle to the photographer (about a quarter turn or 45 degrees).
Step 2) Straighten and place all of your weight on your back leg and keep it there. 
Step 3) Take the front leg (aka the leg closest to the photographer) and step forward six inches. 
Step 4) Finally, bend the knee of that leg slightly inward and point it toward the photographer.

"These movements shift your hips back, which moves them a little further away from the camera and shows off more of your side profile," he explained. Moreover, it drops your body "into the perfect S curve, which creates a super flattering photo!"

Sound complicated? It really isn't. Give "the S" a few practice rounds in front of the mirror in advance of your wedding day and you'll be a pro. 


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