9 Things You Should Definitely Include in Your Target Wedding Registry

You never thought you’d be asking, “So what’s the difference between stoneware and earthenware?” But here we are. And while we know you’re trying to whittle down the stores at which you’re registering, here’s the case for starting one at Target: It’s so damn easy. To make things even easier on you, here’s what you should pick. 

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Luggage Sets

A three-piece set this pretty could cost a fortune at the department store. Good thing Tarjaaay sells hard-back suitcases at a much more doable price point (meaning it’s now likely that someone actually gifts them to you). Plus, you’ll have no trouble spotting these babies at baggage claim.

Rockland luggage set ($150)

A Vacuum

You have a bad back, a dog that sheds and minimal storage space—yeah, you’ve had your eye on a very specific stand-up, lightweight, pet-hair-sucking vacuum for some time. While some other places you register at might have a more limited selection, the world is your oyster online with Target, so go for your dream vacuum.

Bissell vacuum ($300)

pineapple beach towel

Beach And Accent Towels

Chic yet usable beach towels are one of those things we always want, but never get around to purchasing ourselves. And while you might have registered for bath towels at Bloomie’s or Macy’s, you probably didn’t see anything as cute and affordable as these. 

Pineapple beach towel ($12)

copper silver ware set

Non-traditional Flatware

You’ve been obsessed with copper this season but just can’t convince yourself to register for 12 sets of something so trendy. Instead register for six to eight sets and keep them around for small dinner parties. Voilà—you can have the best of both worlds.

Threshold 5pc silverware set ($20)

dinner ware set white red

Everyday Dinnerware

We’re not encouraging you to skip the fancy bone china altogether. We’re saying maybe pick out some stoneware that can handle the trifecta of mealtime: microwave, dishwasher and the occasional clumsy moment.

Corelle Square 16pc Dinnerware Set ($80)

Fun Barware

Do you really need two sets of copper mugs for the one time a year you make Moscow Mules? Of course you do—you just don’t need to register for the super-pricey ones at other stores. While you might want to splurge (or let others splurge for you) on some nice wine glasses, this is the place to get the more ephemeral fix.

Cambridge Moscow Mule Mugs ($35)

Bar Cart

You’re gonna need somewhere to put all the fun new barware. Target has a baller collection of carts. And your family will practically fight over who gets to buy it for you.

Threshold bar cart ($120)

weber grill black

Grill & Patio Swag

Just like vacuums, Target has a wide selection of grills so you can register for the exact one you want. Yes, that and your deck furniture can be on the more expensive side, but guess what? Target allows you to opt-in to group gifting. That means your second cousin, your mom’s best friend and your maid of honor can all go in on one item without even meeting each other. 

Weber grill ($700)

black vitamix

All The Big-ticket Items

So yeah, with group gifting on the table, you might as well pull out the big guns and register for that Vitamix and Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer you would never just buy yourself. But if you do decide to…after the wedding, you get 10 percent off all remaining registry items. So maybe you will treat yourself to a couple kitchen appliances after all. 

Vitamix ($400); Kitchen Aid ($350)

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