According to a Wedding Planner, Here Are 6 Reasons to Have a NYE Wedding (and 4 Reasons Not To)

We couldn’t decide if a New Year’s Eve wedding was the most genius idea we’d ever heard or an impossible feat—are venues and vendors even available? So we tapped Chicago-based wedding planner Bambi Caicedo Rogers of BCR Events to give her perspective on the two-for-one holiday-wedding concept. Here’s what she says are the pros and cons of a New Year’s Eve wedding.

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Perk: You Can’t Go Overboard with the Sparkle or Glam
“Everyone loves to dress up and get fancy for a wedding. But on New Year's Eve, you can take it up a notch (or seven). From your jewelry and bridesmaids dresses to the gorgeous textured textiles that are so in right now—velvet tablecloths, please—a NYE wedding just has an elevated effervescence that’s festive and fun without feeling like you’re trying too hard—because over-the-top is a welcome thing on New Year’s Eve.”

Perk: The Majority of Your Guests Will Stay the Whole Night
“You have to stay up till at least midnight on NYE so you can wish everyone a happy New Year. It’s bad luck if you don't, right? Everyone will be more inclined than usual to stay high energy and on the dance floor until the very end. None of those party poopers who leave right after dinner.”

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Perk: You Can Surprise Your Guests
“A holiday wedding really lets you be creative. Your guests may expect a countdown at midnight, but they will be so curious to see how the night unfolds and how you plan to celebrate with them. Heck, make the wedding itself a surprise; invite guests to what they think is a New Year’s Eve party, and after an introductory cocktail, surprise them with your vows.”

Perk: Venues and Vendors Are Actually Available
“Surprisingly, as long as you are planning reasonably in advance, you will find that venues and vendors are readily available on New Year’s Eve. Trust me, it is much more fun to plan a wedding without the stress of figuring out what venues and vendors are available on your date.”

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Perk: So. Many. Fun. Details.
“As any Pinterest-obsessed party planner or couple-to-be will tell you, there are infinite cute ideas to consider incorporating into your reception. On New Year’s Eve, this soars to a whole new level. ‘Too much’ isn’t a thing on NYE, so the idea of gaudy or tacky goes out the window. Think: a Champagne tower, a balloon drop, flashy photo booths, monogrammed noisemakers, sparkly confetti—the list goes on. Pick a few that you find the most fun and interesting, and go for it.”

Perk: You Will Never Forget Your Anniversary
“New Year’s Eve plans can be tedious to make. But, after the wedding, you will always have a special celebration, whether that means going to a big party or just staying in to enjoy the evening. How romantic. Plus, not that either of you would ever forget your anniversary, but now you really won't.”

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Downside: New Year’s Eve Is Expensive
“Typically, planning an event on a holiday is a bit more costly. Staff, for one, is paid more to work those days. So you may see higher charges for simpler things like deliveries of rental items, which add up. Then there’s all of the fun NYE-themed add-ons—oh, and the Champagne, of course.” 

Downside: The Party Will Keep Going
“This one depends on how you see the Champagne glass—half-full or empty. Because they probably have New Year’s Day off, guests might expect the party to continue into the following day for a festive brunch where you can all get together and reminisce on the night. While some clients would love the opportunity to keep the festivities rolling, others might find it a financial obligation they didn’t quite expect.”

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Downside: Holiday Travel Is a Bummer
“Traveling over the holidays can be a headache and more expensive than usual. Your loved ones won’t mind doing it on your behalf, but it is a consideration, especially if you’re in a big city that attracts a lot of tourists. You may need to send save-the-dates out earlier than usual to give your out-of-town guests the time to plan ahead since rooms fill up very quickly.”

Downside: The Closet Scrooges
“You just may have some friends or family that actually like having their NYE all to themselves, whether they hit the same party every year or have a date with their couch and PJs. So yes, a couple people might actually be annoyed by a holiday invitation. But the best advice you will ever receive while planning a wedding: You can’t make everyone happy. So you do you!”


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