This Couple Had a Shuffleboard Club Wedding and OMG, Where Was Our Invitation?

Britta Byrne and Martin Kuerzi had been dating long-distance (she in Asheville, North Carolina; he in Switzerland) when one night, Britta woke to a knock at her door. It was Martin, fresh off an airplane, dressed in a full suit and down on one knee. “I was in a baggy T-shirt with no makeup on and half asleep,” laughs Britta. "I couldn't believe it!" 

For this spirited couple, a traditional wedding was never on the wish list. “We just wanted an informal celebration and a fun time,” the bride explains, “ pressure.” And so, they dreamed up a low-key courthouse wedding capped off with an epic shuffleboard tournament for their nearest and dearest. (Love!) We hope you enjoy the details of their day as much as we did. 

It Was a #BigFatJewishHarlemBrooklynIndianWedding for This NYC Couple

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The Plan

With Martin’s family in Switzerland and Britta’s in Georgia, the couple picked New York City as their location—because it's “neutral, easy for all and an international city,” explains Britta. “It’s an embodiment of all the values we have as a couple.” With a date picked out, the couple got to inviting their far-flung friends and family: “We communicated to everyone that this would be nothing fancy—just a city hall ceremony and a big, fun party to celebrate—and that we’d love if they could join us.”

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The Ceremony

After a morning of getting ready with her mama (and feasting on vegan doughnuts!) in her hotel suite, Britta headed over to NYC’s City Hall. Since all planning took place remotely, the ease and simplicity of a courthouse wedding was a no-brainer. And so, on an exceptionally busy Friday morning, all 35 of their guests piled into the chapel for an intimate ceremony.

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The Exit

Immediately following the ceremony, the couple’s family sent them off in a shower of rainbow confetti (Britta’s mom had brought confetti poppers as a surprise). Then it was off to Central Park for wedding portraits. “Our photographer doubled as our day-of coordinator,” shares Britta. “He was a lifesaver in keeping things on schedule.”

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The Meal

Next stop? Dinner. As a vegan, Britta had heard rave reviews about Candle 79, the upscale Upper East Side restaurant known for its delicious plant-based dishes—so she booked out the restaurant and shared a personalized culinary experience with her guests. P.S. To shuttle folks around on this multi-pronged wedding celebration, Britta set up a prepaid Uber events code for everyone to use. (A genius tip for smaller, city weddings!)

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The Party

As for the grand finale? The whole wedding crew headed over to The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (an indoor bar and game space in Brooklyn) for a tournament and dance party. Add in a private, striped cabana (check), unlimited beer and wine (check, check) and custom chocolates (check, check, check) and well—we honestly can't imagine a more fun and fuss-free wedding to attend. 

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Advice From The Bride

“Don’t succumb to pressure and wishes of other people. It’s your memories and it’s your wedding day—it really doesn’t matter what anyone else wants.” #Preach. 


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