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Courtesy of Mike B. Photography

There are few things we love more than a personalized, DIY touch-filled wedding. But according to veteran wedding photographer Mike Busada, there's one thing a bride should never try DIY'ing: Her makeup. 

Here's why he feels this way: “Some brides do their own makeup or have a ‘friend who is good with makeup’ do it for them, but this rarely works out and ends up in disappointment over the wedding photos," he says. Why? Because shine is a photographic enemy.

"Shiny faces never look good, but a professional makeup artist will know to apply oil-absorbing foundations and special makeup with a matte finish to ensure that you look your best after what can be many hours of running around. In the D.C. area where I photograph a lot of weddings, the heat and humidity can be extreme in the summer, and like it or not, all the antiperspirant in the world won’t stop you from sweating. A good makeup artist, however, can ensure you look your best throughout the day." 

But I like to DIY! But I want to save money! But my BFF really IS amazing with makeup! We totally hear you and agree that going pro isn't for everyone. But let this serve as a reminder to investigate photo-finish beauty products before attempting on your own. And always do a trial! 

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