20 Fall Wedding Colors You’ll Want to Incorporate Into Your Color Scheme, Stat

fall wedding colors: hot pink, gray-blye, copper and mustard yellow
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You know the saying. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Well, today’s brides are bucking all tradition, and that very much includes color. While all shades of orange seem to be the trend, there are so many more that will add a zesty burst of color to your nuptials. Here, wedding industry experts share 20 fall wedding colors that are vibrant odes to the season. Say goodbye to something blue and “I do” to shades of lavender, burgundy and green.

Meet the Experts

  • Neillie Butler is the founder of Mariée Ami, a top wedding planning, production and design firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Butler’s clients have included Fortune 500 CEOs, owners of professional sports teams and national universities. BRIDES named her one of the best wedding planners in the South and in 2021, Butler was recognized as a leading female entrepreneur by the Tory Burch Foundation.
  • Matilda Reuter Engle is the proprietor of Middleburg Hospitality, a house of brands with the mission to preserve and protect the authentic Piedmont, Virginia, tradition of a seasonal lifestyle through gracious hospitality, inspired entertaining and participation in timeless field sports. Amongst these brands is Glenstone Gardens, a meticulously manicured estate fit for hosting sophisticated weddings, luxury retreats and milestone celebrations.
  • Colby Radomski is the marketing content manager at Reverie Social. Created by party people for party people, Reverie Social offers curated collections of elevated linen rentals for celebrations of every size. Radomski has been on the team since 2018, bringing her former publishing experience and editor’s eye to the brand’s content innovation and product development.

This Is the Year of the Anti-Bride: Wedding Professionals Break Down 2023’s Latest Trend

fall wedding colors: burgundy strapless bridesmaid dresses
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1. Rich Burgundy

  • Goes with: dusty rose, charcoal gray, golden yellow

“Offering an aura of refinement, the convergence of rich burgundy and delicate, dusty rose transcends mere color to evoke that elevated, romantic feel that’s perfect for a fall wedding,” Engle shares. “This pairing takes deep, fervent reds drawn from dahlias and harmonizes them with the effortless, tender blushes that are inherent to anemones.” She predicts seeing burgundy hues used in floral arrangements and bridal bouquets, as well as backdrops and furniture. Expect dusty rose to be a dominant color in makeup (though we love a bold, burgundy lip), linens, bridesmaid dresses and other design accents like place settings. Not a fan of the monochromatic palette? Burgundy also pairs well with colors like charcoal gray and golden yellow.

2. Deep Emerald

  • Goes with: peach, aubergine, ruby, ivory, beige, chartreuse

If you’re searching for something timeless, Butler says that you can’t go wrong with jewel tones—and deep emerald green will always be a winning color. It’s data-backed, too: according to Pinterest, searches for “emerald green and rust” are up 1,050 percent. From bridesmaid dresses to table linens and chargers, the color has the power to elevate even the simplest of details. “Depending on style and preference, emerald can be paired with a variety of shades of green such as celadon and chartreuse, or simply paired with white and ivory hues in a variety of fabrics, [like] velvet, for a simple yet elevated design,” she says.

fall wedding colors: gray blue. tablescape set on the beach
Reverie Social/Kim Lyn Photography

3. Gray-Blue

  • Goes with: ivory, tan, brown

Maybe bold colors aren’t to your taste. For those in that camp, Radomski recommends a soft gray-blue hue. It’s ideal for neutral lovers who want a hint of color. “The subtle shade pairs perfectly with a palette of ivory, tan and brown, adding just a touch of color and creating a scene reminiscent of a quaint and charming beach town.”

4. Earthy Green

  • Goes with: ivory, mustard yellow, terracotta

Green is predicted to be an in-demand color this fall, and no wonder, with the woodland fairy wedding trend popular with Gen Z. And, according to Zola, the search for “sage green gifts” is up 31 percent. “Inspired by autumn ferns, the marriage of earthy green and pristine ivory resonates as a masterpiece of wedding design, akin to the artistry found within the natural world,” Engle says. “This composition [combines] deep, enigmatic greens with the purity of ivory and white for a sophisticated ambiance and timeless look.” She suggests incorporating these colors into your invitation suites, from calligraphy ink to parchment, as well as attire. Other suitable colors to pair with earthy green include mustard yellow and terracotta.

fall wedding colors plaid
Reverie Social/Stephanie Vegilante

5. Plaid

  • Goes with: any solid base color

While plaid isn’t a pattern that exactly screams “wedding,” hear us out. “We’ve noticed more plaid patterns adorning the tables at this season’s best gatherings,” Radomski reveals. “A preppy and sophisticated choice, plaid is a subtle way to introduce pattern and movement to your tablescape, especially when used with softer shades.” She recommends a light-green plaid for an easy transition from summer to fall. 

6. Terracotta

  • Goes with: desert sand, cactus green

Butler predicts that this fall will see an abundance of what she calls the “rustic desert” palette. That’s no surprise, given that burnt orange has all but replaced “something blue” and that the search for “terracotta men’s suits” are up 175 percent, per Pinterest. “This palette captures the essence of a certain landscape, and as more couples wed outdoors taking to southern destinations like Texas, it offers the ability to blend in with the natural scenery so that you, your guests and your love are the true focal points,” she says. “These subtle colors can be brought into bridal makeup, and muted cactus green makes for a soft linen that can draw the eye [to your menu]. We also expect to see terracotta decor and vases paired with desert sand accents for a neutral lover’s paradise. 

7. Ruby

  • Goes with: pink, blue, black, light grey

As Butler puts it, “jewel tones never go out of style.” Ruby (created by mixing red and black) is a deep, sultry color that shows the devil is truly in the details: stationery envelopes, bow ties, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets—even that daring swipe of a red lip. Pair it with the aforementioned emerald green, light grey, or pink if you prefer a monochrome color palette.

8. Soft Pink

  • Goes with: deep blue, olive green, teal, gray

Engle loves the pairing of soft pink with a deep blue. "The union of deep blues and soft pink heralds a harmonious balance that’s tailor-made for wedding party attire,” she says. “These colors can inspire floral arrangements, whether voluminous like hydrangeas or simple and subtle, as well as wedding cake decorations and reception lighting.”

9. Chocolate Brown

  • Goes with: olive, mustard yellow, soft ivory

“Brown is the new black,” Butler declares. “In fall weddings, we expect to see a take on earthy, chocolate brown.” She notes that interior designers will use the shade to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that complements other neutral tones. Butler recommends pairing it with olive green, mustard yellow or soft ivory. “Inspired by the great outdoors and reflecting the warmth and beauty of the natural world, this palette is perfect for upleveling bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire, creating a pop on the dance floor, and adding a unique but simple touch with a stripe in a linen.”

fall wedding colors mustard yellow
corinafotografia/Getty Images

10. Mustard Yellow

  • Goes with: navy, cornflower blue, emerald green, mauve, light pink

Given the fact that mustard yellow pairs with five other colors on this list, it’s only fitting that it should have its own turn in the spotlight. It goes well with shades of blue, like navy or cornflower, or pinks—mauve and light pink are good picks. And yes, it even pairs with jewel tones for a deep, rich palette. From tableware and linens to flowers and accessories, there are many ways to weave this happy hue into your wedding color scheme.

11. Dusty Rose

  • Goes with: burgundy, sage, juniper, emerald, ivory, navy

Engle paired dusty rose with burgundy, allowing the delicate shade to complement a more intense red. Should you wish to stray from a monochrome color scheme, try varying shades of green, which is a complementary color to pink—sage, juniper and emerald all come to mind. Choosing ivory will create a soft, delicate aura, while a color like navy will up the contrast.

12. Lavender

  • Goes with: eucalyptus green, tangerine orange, bronze, cool white

You might be getting married in the fall, but you can still evoke the height of summer with a lavender color palette. While lavender can be paired with a variety of colors, like tangerine orange and cool white, Engle recommends eucalyptus green to bridge the seasons. “A delicate dance representing the transition into fall, this color spread offers the elegance of lavender incorporated as gentle purple into bridal makeup and bridesmaid dresses, as well as floral arrangements gracing the wedding arch, paired with the verdant charm of eucalyptus green for groomsmen attire, layered tablescapes and bridal bouquets to match the groom’s style. It's a tribute to the interconnectedness of nature's rhythms and the timeless celebration of love.”

13. Desert Sand

  • Goes with: terracotta, cactus green

This neutral color was one of three in Butler’s “rustic desert” trifecta. A neutral with red undertones, it pairs well with her recommendations, terracotta and cactus green. Alternatively, try going monochrome with various shades of beige, or with dusty pastels for a soft, ethereal look.

14. Deep Blue/Sapphire  

  • Goes with: pale blue, pastel green, lemon yellow, light purple

Continuing the parade of jewel tones is sapphire blue—which, for any royal fans, we know has Princess Diana’s stamp of approval. Engle proffered this suggestion as the perfect pairing for dusty pink, but as a primary color, blue goes with pretty much anything. Pale blue, pastel green, lemon yellow, light purple...the combinations are endless. Because it can function as a neutral, feel free to let it be a main player in your design—backdrops, curtains, furniture—and accent with the lighter, brighter, bolder colors.

15. Ivory

  • Goes with: red, orange, yellow, pink

Another versatile color on this list is ivory, which is already paired with five other suggestions. While those colors include cooler shades of emerald and gray-blue, it also goes exceptionally well with warmer hues in both saturated and dusty, pastel versions. Think details, like flowers, invitations, makeup, and accessories in reds, oranges, yellows and pinks.

16. Gold

  • Goes with: burnt orange, dark blue, brown, mustard yellow

“Burnt orange and gold resonate as a reflection of the hues that grace espalier apples and pears, casting an embrace of autumnal warmth over your celebration,” Engle says. “Fall weddings often embrace the beauty of the bountiful season, and incorporating these natural hues into floral arrangements and decor can create a festive, abundant atmosphere that mimics the nostalgia of falling leaves and gentle shimmers of changing foliage.” Think about incorporating the color palette into your glassware for dazzling, sun-lit tablescapes.

17. Copper

  • Goes with: white, pink, turquoise, black, blue, brown

According to Pinterest and Zola’s 2023 Wedding Trends Report, the search for copper groomsmen’s ties is up 30 percent. This color is warm and metallic with a rustic feel. Incorporate it into your reception tablescapes (swap out that silverware, maybe?), floral arrangements and paper goods. (What’s not to love about a rich, copper-colored ink?) And, of course, it’s great for accessories, from ties to shoes and headpieces.

18. Olive Green

  • Goes with: chocolate brown, blue, gray, plum, blush pink, tan, rust

Butler recommends an olive green and chocolate brown pairing, but you don’t have to commit 100 percent to earthy tones. For a brighter color combo, try blush pink, tan or a lighter shade of blue. On the other hand, you can lean into the richness of rust or terracotta—two other favorites on this list.

fall wedding colors: tablescape with wildflowers, taper candles, and a floral table cloth with rust accents
Reverie Social/Kim Lyn Photography

19. Rust

  • Goes with: muted blue, mustard, gray

Clearly, orange is a popular color this year, with many variations ranging from terracotta to burnt orange, and now rust. “Rust and other shades in the red family may not seem like the obvious choice for a wedding, [but] we’ve been seeing an increased demand for these statement colors,” Radomski shares. You don’t have to commit 100 percent, though. A little goes a long way. Case in point, this gorgeous floral tablecloth. “[It] achieves a look that is somehow both subtle and daring.”

fall wedding colors hot pink
Reverie Social/Kim Lyn Photography

20. Hot Pink

  • Goes with: orange, black, yellow, cyan, cream

You can’t escape Barbiecore. And given that the Greta Gerwig-directed film has crossed the $1 billion mark, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Per Pinterest, the search for “hot pink wedding colors” is up 465 percent. “If you’re feeling very bold, we recommend pairing the already-punchy color with another bright hue, such as orange, to create a set-up that reflects the happiness of the occasion you’re celebrating,” Radomski says. From flowers to glassware and even the food, there are myriad ways to incorporate this color into your wedding.

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