Can I Ask for Money as a Wedding Present?

cash for wedding gift

Back in your meemaw’s day, it was rather gauche (if not downright improper) to ask for cash wedding presents in lieu of material ones. But times, they are a changin’. Popular registry websites (think: Zola, Honeyfund, The Knot) have made it exceedingly seamless to set up designated cash funds. (They’ve also made it much less awkward by eliminating the literal conversation.) 

Yet the question still remains, is there a right way and a wrong way to share that you’d rather save for a house/take a fabulous honeymoon...than accept a bunch of cookware you’ll never use? On the brink of a registry revolution, we checked in with veteran wedding planner and all-around industry expert Jennifer Brisman for the new do’s and don’ts on this contentious topic. Here’s what she told us.  


State things like "Cash wedding gifts preferred, please" on a wedding website, save the date or elsewhere.


Opt to move away from traditional wedding registry options and hope that in the absence of these, guests will give cash.


Spread the word among friends and family regarding your desire for cash.


Think about your guest list and how much you expect guests to give. Guests often give less cash than the monetary value of a gift.


Explore sites like Honeyfund, which are the right way to empower guests to gift you cash in celebration of your nuptials. They allow you to set any financial goal.


Respect that some guests will want to give you a more traditional gift, so register at an online boutique that doesn’t put your order in until you approve it or direct the money to be used in another fashion, the latter of which is key.

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