Most Brides Underestimate Wedding Costs by *This* Percentage (but Here’s How to Stay Ahead)

You booked the venue, band and photographer...and now you've got just enough for the florist and the catering. Except—shoot—you forgot about bridesmaids' gifts...and the makeup artist...and the photobooth. Woof.

You're not alone, though. According to new data from Wedding Wire, most couples underestimate the cost of their wedding by a whopping 40 percent, and usually spend about (gulp) $30,000 on average for the ceremony and reception. (Deep breaths, woman.)

Thanks to the new Wedding Cost Guide calculator, however, couples can get an estimate of what each vendor will cost in their particular zip code, making it easier to whittle away the 40 percent discrepancy we mentioned. For us, we're looking at about $3,500 for a band in our hometown in Florida, but about $6,100 if we decide to tie the knot in NYC.

The more you know...

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