This New App Plans Your Next Vacation for You

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If you’ve ever spent hours combing the internet for restaurants recs, nagging friends for itineraries and polling the office for travel-savvy suggestions, all in the name of planning the perfect vacation, you’re not alone.

The struggle to plan the perfect trip is real (and the pressure’s on—or, is it?—in the age of indecision). Enter a new app called Welcome.

Like a personal travel agent, Welcome builds your entire trip itinerary for you. All you gotta do: Open the app and scroll through a list of suggestions based on local experts’ tips and potential activities. Once you “like” a few that sound interesting to you by swiping left or right (à la Tinder), Welcome uses an algorithm to suggest an entire itinerary based on your feedback. It even builds in Uber, Lyft, mass transit or walking time between the different stops, all on an easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing interactive map.

It’s also constantly making adjustments. Say Welcome suggests a visit to Hyde Park in the afternoon, but at lunchtime, the weather says it’s going to rain, or you stop at a cute café along your walking route and decide to stay for awhile—the app will automatically adjust based on your location and tailor the rest of the day to your spontaneous stopover.

The best part: The app is free, for now, and currently available for 250 cities (with plans to expand).

“The truth is, for all the planning that happens, most people’s plans tend to fall apart in the moment,” CEO Matthew Rosenberg told Tech Crunch. “Something always changes, some alley you want to go down, some boat you want to take, some sort of adventure that if you didn’t take it, you’d regret. That’s what we’ve really tried to embrace.”

Bottom line: Carpe diem, intelligently. (That’s also our next tattoo, BTW.) 

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