You Can Now Turn a Selfie into Your Passport Photo

Big news for frequent flyers

We need to talk about your passport photo. The fluorescent lighting isn’t doing your skin any favors, your mouth is halfway between a smile and frown, and every time you look at it, you’re painfully reminded about that time you decided to give yourself bangs. Well, maybe we’re projecting a little…

Either way, that’s why we’re stoked about ItsEasy, a new app that lets you take your own passport photo, in your own home, on your own phone. Miracles do happen, people.

Following a simple set of guidelines in the easy-to-navigate app (don’t mind the random Albert Einstein bobbing around), take as many photos as you need to get to the one. Then, either send yourself a digital copy of your glamour shot or pay a small fee to have it printed (in the correct size, of course) and shipped to you.  

While it’s not actually necessary that you look baller in your passport pic, when it comes to the stress and inconvenience of traveling, it’s the little things that count.