Tripscout Is the Game-Changing Travel App You'll Want to Download ASAP

Traveling is awesome. For some folks, planning a trip begins to build excitement for what’s to come, while other people find the logistics process somewhat daunting. We fall into the former. So, when we first heard about the travel app Tripscout, the floodgates of glee opened. (However, we could also totally see it being a super effective tool for travelers who aren’t so keen on the planning process because it makes everything so simple.) We’ve spent hours tooling around on the app, getting inspired and discovering places to add to our bucket list. But you could also strictly use Tripscout as a resource to take much of the planning stress of your plate. That’s because the top-rated app lets you do just about everything travel related, from nailing down a destination and looking up activities to reading user reviews and blog posts to picking adorable Airbnbs.


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Truth be told, we’ve had Tripscout in the travel folder of our phone for quite some time, meaning we’re pretty well-versed in some of the highlights of this wanderlust-encouraging app that every traveler is sure to love, whether you open it daily for inspo (we’ve heard the term “mentally traveling” tossed around) or just use it for planning purposes.

First up, you can build a travel bucket list. Choose from popular destinations like Madrid,

New York City, Paris and Tokyo or search for an exotic locale you once saw a picture of on Instagram and vowed to visit one day. For us, that’s Kuala Lumpur. (Do yourself a favor and search “Batu Caves,” a mesmerizing complex about an hour outside the capital.)

Once you’ve selected a singular locale or a slew of destinations, it’s time to customize your feed. We follow literally every topic—Airbnbs, luxury travel, solo travel, road trips, cabins and travel hacks to name a few. Also, the COVID resources section is super helpful in navigating the ever-changing rules and restrictions in different countries.

What’s awesome is that the Tripscout team really does the legwork for you, reviewing more than 5,000 articles and videos each day and only sending through the ones that are sure to resonate based on your personal preferences.

So if you’re interested in couples travel but aren’t keen on camping, your feed won’t be bogged down with content about the latest tents and hiking boots. However, you will be served relevant articles from trusted outlets like, perhaps this recent PureWow gem: “30 Romantic Winter Weekend Getaways in the U.S.” And you can even bookmark stories to go back and reference later.

Setting up your next trip is exceedingly easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface that lets you put in a specific destination, select dates, save points of interest and build out itineraries.

When we explored the app for an upcoming jaunt to London, we found great personalized tips about where to sit down for the best afternoon tea in the city and the top spots not to miss while exploring Hyde Park. We were also impressed by the ability to specify who’s going (i.e, are you flying solo, bringing the kiddos or traveling with your S.O.) and the budget. Because, let’s be honest, splurging on a posh spa treatment is probably an activity better suited for a grownup jetsetter with a few hours to kill and some extra cash. On the flip side, you might prefer to seek out free daytime stuff or hit up a zoo when the kiddos are involved. Basically, whatever strikes your travel fancy is definitely doable with the help of Tripscout.

Ready to plan an upcoming getaway or get inspired for a dream vacation in the future? Download the app, browse some of the popular Insta handles that the Tripscout team curates (e.g., @welivetoexplore, @best_airbnb,, @creativetravelcouples and @outdoor) and don’t forget to send us a postcard from your next adventure.

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