7 Top Travel Tips for Los Angeles Locals (From Parking to Pets)

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It comes as no surprise that Los Angeles locals are using all their wiles to make their business and vacation travel as enjoyable as possible. And since LAX seems to be continually working on its self-improvement (next up, a railway to the airport in time for the 2028 Olympics), we’ve polled frequent flyer Angelenos to get their tips and tricks on traveling in L.A. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Account for Traffic (Always)

In Los Angeles, traffic is a FACT as post-pandemic congestion is back to normal. (However, the Los Angeles Times reports that both morning and afternoon gridlock clears faster than it did in 2019.) Check rush hour patterns from your home before you book your flight, and whenever possible avoid airport transfer during that time.

2. Just Choose Delta

Many Angelenos name Delta as their airline of choice. Why? Because the they have maintained their commitment to cleanliness. As part of the Delta CareStandard℠ they’ve partnered with Lysol Pro Solutions® to keep Delta surfaces disinfected and provide PURELL® hand sanitizer on board. What’s more, they’re offering no change fees on flights originating from North America and planning tools for inspiration and travel requirements tips, so it’s never been easier to plan your next getaway.

3. …and Ride Sharing Apps, Too

L.A. people love their cars, but they take a Lyft or Uber to LAX to avoid high overnight parking fees. After their return flight, it’s easy to wait for a ride back home from the LAX-it (pronounced LA-Exit) and two other taxi pickup spots.

4. Get Familiar with the Pet Relief Station

L.A. people love their pets even more than their cars, so they’re happy that every LAX terminal except 8 has a pet relief station. And in case Fluffy needs a chill pill, give her a quick drop of Rescue Remedy Pets, a blend of flower essences suspended in glycerin, is going to calm her down.

5. Just Get Precheck Already

TSA Precheck and Clear are the pro tricks to avoiding long security lines. Sure, they take a bit of advance planning, but travelers get to breeze through security (and honestly, flex a woman-of-the-world vibe) by having these in place.

6. Mask Up!

LA-made Hedley & Bennet masks are the gold standard in comfortable precaution (and they are the most comfortable of the glut of masks on the market).

7. Pack Like a Pro

The latest innovation in carry-on luggage is the easy-access laptop accommodation. Check out the July Carry-On Pro, which has a detachable sleeve that snaps onto the outside of the case…and there’s even an ejectable battery for charging it or your phone on the go.

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