Guys, There's Now a Perfume Museum in Paris and It’s Kinda Magical

the grand musee de parfume 1
The Grand Musée du Parfum

If Willy Wonka made perfume instead of chocolates, his factory would look just like the Grand Musée du Parfum, the new museum of perfume in Paris. Because of course there’s a perfume museum in Paris…and it’s absolutely dreamy.

Located in a stunning Parisian mansion previously owned by Christian Lacroix, the scent-driven exhibits encourage visitors to sniff their way through a far more fragrant culture and history lesson than you probably would have ever imagined—did you know Cleopatra and Louis XIV used scent to woo their lovers?

chimie des odeurs gmdp c irene de rosen
The Grand Musée du Parfum

And no, the museum isn’t just one big department store beauty counter. Things are a bit more whimsical. Like the room with twisting, turning tubes connected to golden funnels with individual scents for you to sample. Another hosts the Alice in Wonderland-like Garden of Scents, where artificial flowers mist visitors with a variety of scents that are certain to trigger some nostalgia (Coca-Cola, anyone?).

For a subject matter that you can’t even see, the Grand Musée du Parfum made this one of the most beautiful new spots in an already gorgeous city. We have to say, it’s definitely a must-see smell.

Abby Hepworth


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