The One Thing You’re Forgetting to Pack for Your Trip to Disney (That Will Save You *So* Much Money)

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Raincoat? Check. Comfortable shoes. Check. Enough battery power for all those selfies with Mickey? Of course. But if you’re headed to the Magic Kingdom, there’s one item in particular that you definitely don’t want to forget to pack in your bag...

We’re talking about food.

Yep, here’s an interesting fact about the Disney parks: You’re totally allowed to bring your own snacks. (Not allowed, on the other hand? Selfie sticks, wrapped gifts and drones.)

This means that you can easily pack a couple of water bottles and some crackers to snack on in order to help cut down on costs. How much could you save? Well, the price of four water bottles ($3.50 each) and four Dole Whips ($5 each) is approximately $34 (depending on sales tax). Multiple that by five days, and we're talking $170 that you could have saved if you'd planned ahead.

Even better? If you’ve got a fridge in your room, you can save big by making your own breakfasts and lunches. And there’s no need to pack sandwich toppings in your luggage (because, ew)—use food delivery services like Garden Grocer to get groceries delivered to your room, and go from there.

But maybe you don't want to have to think about bringing your own food for every single meal on your trip (you're on vacation, after all). If you decide to wine and dine at one of the park restaurants, stay budget-savvy by making sure to read the fine print on your receipts before throwing them away—sometimes they include same-day shopping discounts.

Just don't forget to budget for the Sparkling Volcano Dessert from the Rainforest Cafe—it's a must-have.

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