Sometimes you really need to get away—and fast. Until teleportation exists, these seven direct flights are your best bet. From two hours to 13, they’ll all transport you to places that feel like another world. Beam us up.

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cancun mexico chicago


This is not the Cancún of your college spring break. Drive 40 minutes from the airport to theFairmont Mayakoba for turquoise waters, charming casitas and an all-inclusive package that answers every craving.

sun valley idaho chicago
Sun Valley Resort


During the high season, United runs a direct flight to this secluded ski town, which is steeped in the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age, when it first made its name. If you’re Lucille Ball on the slopes, head to the spa at Sun Valley Resort and do your best Marilyn Monroe impersonation.

tokyo japan chicago


It’s easy to think Japan is out of reach, but a straight 13-hour flight will transport you to Shibuya’s tiny bar-filled alleys. When you’re slurping a giant bowl of ramen for about $8, you’ll see it’s within reach of your budget too.

asheville north carolina chicago
The Biltmore Company


Whether you’re cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway or gazing in wide-eyed wonder at the historic Biltmore Estate, you might think you’re in another country. In reality, you’re in Asheville, just a two-hour flight (average cost: $250) from Chicago.

savannah georgia chicago
Visit Savannah


Winter in Chicago will make anyone crave a little Southern comfort. Savannah’s historic squares (it was the first U.S. city built on the grid system), Spanish moss and enviable culinary scene (fried chicken at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is a must) will do the trick.

helsinki finland chicago
Visit Finland


Reykjavik is so 2016. Finland’s hot springs, northern lights and affordable stopover program give Iceland a run for its money. Oh, and Helsinki’s restaurant scene (try Yes Yes Yes and Roster) is amazing.

arizona chicago
Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa


Hike, spa and shop: Scottsdale has three of our favorite activities in a setting that can only be called otherworldly. Our perfect day begins with a hike up Camelback followed by an aquatic massage (yep, it’s a thing) at Sanctuary Resort and all the things at Fashion Square.

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