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New Zealand Is a Trending Destination for 2024, and We’ve Got the Reels to Prove It

Adventure capital of the world. Land of the Long White Cloud. Location of Middle Earth. The friendly island nation of New Zealand has plenty to shout about. And thanks to Air New Zealand’s non-stop flights from the U.S., getting there is easier than ever. In fact, tourism to New Zealand is up 37 percent since last year (2023) according to Tourism New Zealand, so now’s the time to get on board (literally).

Curious about planning your own trip? We partnered with Air New Zealand and three travel influencers to show you how to get there, plus what to do once you land. Follow along as Alicia Tenise, Francesca Murray and Ro walk us through their in-flight experience, as well as spill the details on their once-in-a-lifetime travel itineraries in the following Reels.

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Air New Zealand/Dasha Burobina for PureWow

Why New Zealand

Split between two land masses—the North Island and the South Island—New Zealand is packed with stunning landscapes, friendly locals and heaps to do, all within short traveling distances.

On the North Island you’ll find subtropical sandy beaches, cone-shaped mountains and steaming volcanic plateau. For city culture, there’s Auckland (the most populous) and Wellington (the capital), while the city of Rotorua and Mount Tongariro are are steeped in Māori heritage (the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand). As for landmarks, we can’t forget the dramatic Huka Falls or Waitomo’s magical glow worm caves.

Then there’s South Island, where every corner reveals ever-more dramatic scenery, from the world-famous Marlborough vineyards to the sawtooth peaks of the Southern Alps. Be sure to visit the city of Queenstown, where you can have your pick of adrenaline-pumping activities (think: bungee jumping, white-water rafting and skydiving). The Franz Josef Glacier and Milford Sound are also two of the many showstopping landmarks just a day-trip away.

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How to Get There

Why, Air New Zealand of course. What sets this airline apart is that your New Zealand experience begins the moment you step onboard. Right away, you’ll be welcomed with a “Kia ora” and that famous Kiwi hospitality the country is known for.

With non-stop flight options from multiple cities in the U.S., Air New Zealand (part of Star Alliance) offers Premium Economy featuring spacious seats with extra legroom; the world’s first Economy Skycouch that turns into a private bed so you can relax and recharge; and Business Premier, a seat-turned-lie-flat-bed complete with a memory foam mattress. Wherever you sit, you’ll enjoy fresh cuisine, delicious New Zealand-made wine and the latest films and music. Don’t just take it our word for it. Watch the experience from these travel pros.

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Air New Zealand/Dasha Burobina for PureWow

What to Do

As we touched on above, New Zealand offers so much in way of adventure and each of our travel creators chose a unique itinerary based on their interests. Alicia and Francesca hit up the North Island, with Alicia traveling the Pacific Coast Highway (yes, New Zealand has one too!) and Francesca visiting the Whakarewarewa, a living Māori Village, while Ro landed in the South Island and explored Queenstown and the iconic Milford Sound. Take a peek at the Reels below for the full breakdown.

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