The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Dallas You Didn’t Know About

Dallas is a beautiful, big city. Whether you take a lunch break picnicking along the Turtle Creek or spend your weekend at the Dallas Arboretum admiring botanical perfection, there is no shortage of sites to see. But there are some less traveled spots that can be equally captivating and way more peaceful. Here are the ten most beautiful places in Dallas that you didn’t know about (until now).

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1. Dallas Rock Quarry

Just off Highway 380, near New Hope Road, you’ll spot a majestic limestone quarry that will make your jaw drop. The only thing that kept it off our list of epic swimming holes? It’s private property, and the owners make that very clear with multiple signs near the entrance. That said, brave souls risk it for the ’gram daily. See for yourself by searching the hashtag #thatdallasquarry.

2. Lakeside Park

One of the most picturesque places in Dallas has to be this majestic Highland Park stretch that sits along the quieter banks of the Turtle Creek. Situated between Armstrong Parkway and Beverly Drive, this park features 14 acres of immaculate grounds perfect for a picnic or some peaceful meditation. Got kids in tow? Search hard enough and you’ll find the famous teddy bear statues that are hidden in various spots throughout your stroll.

4601 Lakeside Dr.; 214-521-4161 or

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Nasher Sculpture Garden/Facebook

3. Nasher Sculpture Garden

Make the most of your lunch break by escaping to this secret garden smack dab in the middle of the Dallas Arts District. And while the Nasher Sculpture Center is certainly nothing new, it seems like very few people know to take advantage of the calming powers of the beautifully landscaped oasis and its reflective pool. It’s like yoga, but you get to look at fun sculptures and don’t have to change into workout clothes.

2001 Flora St.; 214-242-5100 or

4. Bonton Farms

Quarantine got you using your kitchen to actually, well, cook? Those who have an affinity for whipping up a home cooked meal will certainly gasp when they visit this urban farm that provides the city of Dallas with delicious (and fresh) food in an area that was once a food desert. There is also now both a market and a coffee shop for picking up meals and your caffeine fix (you can also sit on the patio to eat, provided it is not at more than 25 percent capacity, per state regulations). This beautiful farm and market is the definition of how a supportive neighborhood is good for the mind, body and soul.

6915 Bexar St.; 972-379-8979 or

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5. Corinthian Sailing Club

Sure, everyone has been to White Rock Lake and taken a walk along the trails, but did you know that there is an actual sailing club speckled along one of its shores? This particular not-for-profit volunteer club was chartered in 1939 and is known for its serious sailors. It also makes for a stunning backdrop for family photos or picnics should you find yourself missing the actual beach.

441 E. Lawther Dr.; 214-758-0788 or

6. Stevens Park Golf Course

Although Dallas is known to have some pretty exclusive country clubs with insane waitlists, there are a plethora of public courses that are both beautiful and affordable to play. There is no better example of this than the gorgeous greens of Stevens Park in Oak Cliff. A round here will cost you as little as $34 depending on when you play. You can’t beat their prices—or the views of downtown Dallas from the holes.

1005 N Montclair Ave.; 214-670-7506 or

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7. Prairie Creek Waterfalls

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…unless it’s these ones, conveniently located in Richardson’s Prairie Creek Park. The closest access point is by parking on West Prairie Creek Drive. Trust us, this is far from your typical suburban scene and worth the drive outside your bubble.

8. Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery

Because heading to the Napa Valley is likely not on the agenda anytime soon, why not take this as an opportunity to explore the North Texas wine country? You’ll find that vineyards are popping up all across the DFW-area offering beautiful places to learn about and enjoy a glass of wine. We love this Celina-based spot for its cozy vibes and ice-cold glasses of sparkling Harmony.

4910 Eden Hill Ln.; 214-850-4081 or

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Southfork Ranch/Facebook

9. Southfork Ranch

Yep, this is where the iconic ’80s television show Dallas was filmed. But don’t worry: If you visit, you won’t be besieged by backstabbing, lust or dramatic showdowns. Quite the opposite, actually. There’s something really relaxing about taking in a peaceful horseback ride on the grounds of this storied ranch in all of its country glory. Trail rides and private lessons are now open with specific safety procedures and social distancing guidelines in place.

3700 Hogge Dr.; 972-442-7800 or

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Shamarr Evans/EyeEm/Getty Images

10. Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve 

Those in the mood for a serious hike or bike ride would be wise to check out this nature center located just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. Take in the native trees and wildflowers are you enjoy the nine miles of walking trails in a range of difficulty levels. There are butterfly gardens, areas for picnicking, and fishing is even allowed on a catch-and-release basis.

7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy.; 972-709-7784 or

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