10 of the World's Most Beautiful Places in Bloom

Spring has officially sprung. Well, in some parts of the world. For those of us still adjusting our eyes to sunlight after emerging from our deep winter hibernation, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. Here, ten of the most stunning places around the world in full bloom. It’s the (beautiful) wake-up call you needed.

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lavender fields provence france
Shaul Schwarz/ Getty Images

Lavender Fields In Provence, France

A summer in the South of France deserves a place on everyone’s bucket list for countless reasons. But reason #1: To witness the picturesque, Provençal villages come alive with endless fields of purple, fragrant lavender.

keukenhof garden holland
Michel Porro/ getty Images

Keukenhof Garden, Holland

The Dutch are known for lots of pretty things--windmills, wooden shoes, canals. But its their amazing bulb fields that get us every time. Think corn fields, but with tulips. And for eight weeks between March and May, Keukenhof Garden, located just outside Amsterdam, showcases millions of the most gorgeous blossoming bulbs.

cherry blossom festival japan1
Koichi Kamoshida/ Getty Images

Cherry Blossom Festival, Tokyo, Japan

There is no better time to visit Tokyo than during early spring, when delicate pink cherry blossoms appear around the city. The act of viewing the cherry blossoms is so important, it even has a name--hanami.

poppie flowers mojave dessert
Joe Sohm/Visions of America/ Getty Images

Poppies In The Mojave Desert, California

No, you didn’t fall asleep in Oz; the vibrant poppy fields of Antelope Valley in the Mojave Dessert are very real. The dry land sprouts with orange California poppies--the state flower--from late winter to early spring.

texas hill county bluebonnets
Wild Horizon/ Getty Images

Bluebonnets In Hill Country, Texas

The first signs of bluebonnets in the hills of Hill Country signal that spring has finally arrived. The flowers typically begin blooming in mid-March in Houston, then they sweep northward across the state, reaching Dallas by mid-April.

valley of roses bulgaria

Roses In The Valley Of Roses, Bulgaria

The pink rose is Bulgaria’s symbol of pride, and for good reason: It's gorgeous. They grow in the Rose Valley, where locals gather yearly for the annual Festival of Roses in June.

wild flowers arizona
Joe Sohm/Visions of America/ Getty Images

Wildflowers In The Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Predicting when these desert wildflowers will bloom can be tricky since it relies on a delicate combination of sun, wind, water and temperature. But you can usually catch the floral takeover in March and April.

hawaii sunflowers

Sunflower Fields In North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii at the end of winter to catch the blooming sunflower fields in Waialua. If you’re already in Hawaii in winter, you’re probably happy. But the sunflowers will definitely take you to next-level happy.

bluebells belgium forest
Arterra/ Getty Images

Bluebells In Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

Nope, this isn’t a picture from a fairy tale. For a few weeks in early spring, this forest in Flanders turns into a gorgeous carpet of bluebells.

cherry blossoms central park
Tim Clayton - Corbis/ Getty IMages

Central Park, Manhattan

There’s nothing quite like strolling through Central Park in April, when rows of cherry trees glow in gorgeous shades of blush to fuchsia and the paths are covered in pink petals. Grab a seat on the grass in Sheep Meadow, or wherever your secret spot is, and pass the day away.

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