Miraval Berkshires Is the *It* Place for Your Next Company Retreat—Here’s Why

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Miraval Berkshires

We’d be lying if we said returning to “normal” office life in a post-pandemic world came naturally. If you, like us, were able to work remotely the last few years, it’s safe to assume you got used to your routine of solo lunches, endless video meetings and laughing to your computer screen at conversations happening over Slack. But the thing is, deep down we miss those daily personal connections with our teammates that we used to have. And while we might not be able to fully get back to a place we used to be, we can certainly put every effort into reconnecting with one another. That’s where Miraval Berkshires’ Mindful Retreats come in.

Located in western Massachusetts, the Berkshires is an idyllic place that offers a profound feeling of well-being, making it the perfect spot to elevate any team. Best suited for leadership meetings, team bonding and strategy sessions, Mindful Retreats are specifically designed to bring out the best in your people. Ahead, three reasons why you should consider Miraval Berkshires for your next company retreat.

Ahem, enjoy exclusive group rates and added benefits that will make your team’s mindful retreat at Miraval Berkshires even more rewarding.*

1. The Group Experiences Are Truly Unique

Doing activities as a team is a great way to bond and Miraval Berkshires offers an array of unforgettable experiences that promote sharing, compassion and connection. Each adventure is developed based on your intentions and goals as a company. For instance, step outside your comfort zone with an archery session or find clarity with a Himalayan salt bath. Team building and communication? Attempt the Warrior Challenge of climbing elements 35-50 feet into the canopy of trees. Not to mention you can also, quite literally, take a leap of faith and experience a 45-foot freefall to the forest floor. We told you these are not your average icebreakers.

2. No. Phones. Allowed.

OK, you can use them—but only in your room and designated areas. We all know the everyday stressors that are attached to our devices so just imagine how freeing it feels to completely let go of all that background noise. Take that practice to the next level by enjoying a moment of Zen at the Life in Balance Spa. There’s 29,000 square feet of pools, saunas, lounges and treatment rooms to nurture the body and refresh the soul. Excuse us, the indoor to outdoor lounge pool is calling our name.

3. The Grounds Are Simply Breathtaking

Research has shown that spending time outdoors is good for our health (forest bath, anyone?) and the Berkshires has no shortage of gorgeous views with each season: the calmness of snowfall, the fresh autumn leaves, the new beginnings of spring and the slowed pace of summer. Enjoy the benefits of lower stress levels, improved mood and even better sleep. Plus, without worrying about getting the perfect photo for the ‘Gram, you’ll be able to be fully present in the moment.

So, what are you waiting for?

*Visit Miraval Berkshires to take advantage of this limited-time offer.  Terms & conditions apply. Applicable to new group inquiries only, subject to availability, cannot be combined with other offers, a minimum of 8 guests to qualify. 


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