27 of Our Favorite Los Angeles Quotes

Besides the glamour, the sunshine and the world-class tacos, there’s a lot to love about L.A. And a lot to poke fun at, too. But our great city is like no other—beautiful, diverse and strong. Here’s what top talents and esteemed thinkers have to say about the place. Presenting 27 spot-on Los Angeles quotes about our beloved city.

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los angeles quotes emily mortimer

1. “Los Angeles is like a beauty parlor at the end of the universe.” – Emily Mortimer

los angeles quotes frank lloyd wright

2. “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

los angeles quotes gianluca conte

3. "In L. A., if you talk to four people, one is probably going have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram." —GianLuca Conte

los angeles quotes tom bradley
Image: Twenty20

4. “People cut themselves off from the ties of their old life when they come to Los Angeles.” — Tom Bradley

los angeles quotes denzel washington

5. “In Los Angeles, everyone is a star.” —Denzel Washington

los angeles quotes isabel marant

6. “In Los Angeles, you can have the city life and feel like you’re on holiday at the same time.” – Isabel Marant

los angeles quotes lana del rey
Image: Twenty20

7. “Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, in these stolen moments the world is mine.” – Lana Del Rey

los angeles quotes marianne williamson

8. “People don’t live in Los Angeles because we are tied to the same old, same old. We live in Los Angeles because of the intoxicating energy of new beginnings that permeate our city.” – Marianne Williamson

los angeles quotes eve babitz

9. “The ideas you have about cities that you’ve always known don't work in L.A., and once you toss those aside you’ll be much better off.” – Eve Babitz

los angeles quotes craig ferguson

10. “I do love America. And Los Angeles is a very short commute to America. It’s like half an hour on the plane.” – Craig Ferguson

los angeles quotes amy wilentz

11. “Because Los Angeles was designed for cars, everything you want to do and everything you care about is too far away to get to on foot, so you never walk to anything.” — Amy Wilentz

los angeles quotes rupaul

12. “Having an automobile in Los Angeles enables me to change clothes at least three times a day: I will go from Western wear to nautical to Savile Row in the course of 12 hours.” – RuPaul

los angeles quotes rona barrett
Image: Unsplash

13. “Pick your enemies carefully, or you’ll never make it in Los Angeles.” — Rona Barrett

los angeles quotes carrie fisher

14. “You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood, because everybody does the fake closeness so well.” - Carrie Fisher

los angeles quotes fran lebowitz

15. “Los Angeles is a large city-like area surrounding the Beverly Hills Hotel.” – Fran Lebowitz

los angeles quotes bette davis

16. “Always take Fountain.” – Bette Davis

los angeles quotes kris kidd
Image: Unsplash

17. “In Los Angeles, everything is 100% organic, except the people.” – Kris Kidd

los angeles quotes peter schjeldahl
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18. "The L.A. cogito: I laugh, therefore I am." – Peter Schjeldahl

los angeles quotes billy connolly

19. “I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself every two days." — Billy Connolly

los angeles quote 6

20. “L.A. can be a place of torment because the rewards are so huge, but the difficulties of getting your hands on those rewards is so great.” –Geoff Dyer

los angeles quotes frank ocean

21. “Humble old me had to flex for the folks, down in Muscle Beach pumping iron and bone." — Frank Ocean

quote 10

22. “Los Angeles weather is the weather of catastrophe, of apocalypse.” — Joan Didion

quote 13

23. “In slow-paced Los Angeles, it’s easy to get distracted by a good sunset or a flock of butterflies and forget to produce any work at all.” — Molly Lambert

quote 15

24. “From Hollywood & Vine to the Sunset Strip, there’s so much going on you can lose your grip.” — B.B. King

quote 2

25. “I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re beautiful. Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” – Andy Warhol

los angeles quotes the great gatsby

26. “Los Angeles is The Great Gatsby of American cities.” — Kevin Starr

quote 4

27. “In Los Angeles, your eye keeps reaching for an end point and never finds it, because it doesn't exist.” — Susan Orlean

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