14 Gorgeous Instagrams of Bali That Will Make You Want to Book a Trip ASAP

Serene beaches, lush rice paddies and tropical hikes leading to stunning temples—these are just a few of the things you can expect to see on Bali. But if you’re the kind of person who needs to “see it to believe it,” then these Instagram pics of the Indonesian island ought to do the trick.

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The incredible architecture and intricate details of these Balinese Hindu temples will distract you from remembering how much you hate climbing stairs.

Not one, not two but three incredible swimming pools await you at the Amankila Resort. And, of course, those views.

Yes, this is a real place.

We feel so calm and collected just looking at this temple—imagine actually meditating here.

Why don’t our work lunches ever look this photogenic?

Grab your biggest floppy hat and your Jackie O. shades, because on one of these boats, you’re exploring the coast like a movie star.

Try to limit yourself to just two or three snaps at Pura Lempuyang. (Oh alright, take ten. We won’t judge.)

We’ll never grow tired of seeing these lush rice terraces against that bright blue sky.

Take a break from hiking to chill by in the water. Hammock or swing, the choice is yours.

Ours eyes don’t even know where to start with this incredible explosion of color and culture at the Bali Arts Festival.

Cheers to the greatest lunch view of all time.

This is not your average afternoon hike.

The answer to your question is yes—every day does end with a sunset this spectacular.

Oh, and did we mention the stargazing? The stargazing.



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