How to Do the Hamptons Without a Car (Yes, It’s Possible)

The wind in your hair, a road-trip playlist on tap… and bumper-to-bumper traffic from Queens to Montauk. Between traveling from the city and shuttling from your hotel to the beach and brunch, you could spend half your vacation time battling traffic. Where’s the relaxation in that? Leave your car keys at home: It’s possible to spend a weekend (or even a week or more) in the Hamptons without spending a second behind the wheel. You just need some advance planning and these tips.

7 Hamptons Transportation Hacks You Need to Know

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Get there: “I would love to spend a Friday afternoon riding my brake pedal,” said no one ever. Unless you’re blessed with a private helicopter, you’re going to have to deal with the crowds getting to the Hamptons. But isn’t it more relaxing to sit in traffic as a passenger aboard the Hampton Jitney, where there are snacks, comfortable seats and Wi-Fi (albeit spotty Wi-Fi)? Or you can take the LIRR to the Hamptons. Either way, there’s no reason to pick up your car keys on the way out the door.

Choose where you stay carefully: This is where that one super-organized, Monica Geller—esque friend comes in handy. A carless week in the Hamptons requires careful advance planning when it comes to where you stay. East Hampton and Montauk are easily the most walkable villages in the Hamptons, but any village works if you pick a house share or hotel close to your main activities. Two of our favorites are the boutique East Hampton hotel The Baker House 1650 (walking distance to the village and the Hampton Jitney stop, and a short bike ride to the beach) and Montauk’s Ruschmeyer’s (walking distance to the village and a short bike ride to the beach—and if you come during the week, the staff may even offer to drop you off anywhere you want).

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Eats and Drinks: This is big. Uber Eats is now operating in the Hamptons, meaning you can have lobster rolls delivered to your house, hotel or even the beach. As for booze, Sam’s Beverage Place offers local delivery. Or, if you want to have your fridge fully stocked, Hamptons Aristocrat will deliver gorgeous ready-to-eat meals, using ingredients from local farmers’ markets.

Outsource it: Even if you had a car in the Hamptons, would you want to deal with the traffic on Route 27? Whether you need the perfect LBD for an evening out or are in need of a massage, there’s a Hamptons service that will bring you what you need.

Hack your transportation: For those times when you can’t walk or bike, a number of transportation operations will get you where you want to go. The Free Ride offers shuttles around Amagansett, East Hampton, Montauk and Southampton for the low price of—you guessed it—nada. Bus service Hampton Hopper hops between villages, stopping at fitness studios, shopping spots and more, and there are also plenty of car options, from Ubers to taxis to private drivers. 

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