This New Google Flights Feature Helps You Book the Vacation of Your Dreams—Without Spending a Fortune

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Hands-down, the most stressful part of planning a vacation is the booking process (aka the six hours of your life researching flights that you’ll never get back). Sure, a $200 ticket may seem like a good deal, but how do you know for sure? What if a better deal comes along next week?

Well, thanks to our friends at Google, you can now close down all those open tabs on your internet browser and say goodbye to airfare FOMO for good.

A new feature in Google Flights Explore Maps analyzes historical flight prices and highlights “great value” deals in green. Meaning you can find fares that are significantly less than usual. How much less? A staggering 30 percent cheaper.

Here’s how it works: Go to Google Flights and click on “Explore Destinations.” Type your dream vacay spot (say “southern Europe” or “New Zealand”) into the destination field and select the flexible dates option. The algorithm will then search through thousands of possible destinations and analyze previous years’ flight prices to find the cities with amazing deals. You can use various parameters to narrow down results like “one-week trip in the next six months” or “a weekend trip in December.” 

Yep, your bucket-list trip is just one click away. We’re packing our bags already. 

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