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You can get away with sticking sunscreen and a towel in an old tote when you go to Coney Island, but we’re talking about the Hamptons, people. Packing a beach bag here is an art.

So we’re giving you some inspiration: Here are the beach essentials 13 stylish Hamptons locals can’t live without. (Like sour gummy bears.)

Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith, Founder and Creative Director of Milly

“In my beach bag you will always find Lancaster Sun Beauty SPF 30Smith’s Rosebud lip balm, money for ice cream and a Milly tank top with a witty saying on it.”

Rachel Zimmerman and Molly Shaheen

Rachel Zimmerman and Molly Shaheen, Founders of State & Manor

Molly: “I always carry a perfume roller and my skin essential, the Natura Biss BB cream. I also never forget some Juicy Fruit (oldie but a goody!) and a notebook where I can note everything that inspires me for the new collection.”

Rachel: “I like to have with me a good inspiring book like The Rainbow Comes and Goes, my State & Manor Emerson wrap that I can use during my long walk by the sea, and some Haribo sour gummy bears.”

Sandra de Ovando

Sandra de Ovando, Founder of Ovando Floral & Event Design

“I’m really careful about protecting my face from the sun, so you’ll always find sunscreen and moisturizer, a baseball hat and some Prada sunglasses in my beach bag. I also throw in my Roberta Freymann sarong (lucky me, there’s a store in Southampton), my refillable water bottle and iPhone.”

Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman, Master Trainer at Barry's Bootcamp

?I always keep Meo Fusciuni 'Luce' cologne handy for a European shower if need be--you?ll never catch me smelling like sweat or moldy sea. There?s nothing worse than wet socks and sandy shoes, so I always keep a pair of white or gray Nike Flyknit Prestos on tap. Also, pure black coffee. You never want to see me un-caffeinated.?

Ilana Kugel

Ilana Kugel, Creative Director of KORAL

“I pack Evian face mist, Ole Henriksen Vitamin C SPF 50+ (my essential for healthy skin), Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, a current summer read, my favorite Dior sunglasses, cubed watermelon with lemon and mint for a light snack, and a kombucha.”

Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O'Shea, Creative Director of Salt Hotels

“I love this canvas beverage holder I picked up at Salt Supply at the Chequit on Shelter Island. It’s perfect for staying hydrated on the beach--it holds a whole bottle of water (read: wine).

Julie Berger

Julie Berger, General Manager and Sommelier at Nick & Toni's

“My essential beach bag item is Naturopathica lavender SPF moisturizer. I'm always on the go and this is the perfect one-step way to hydrate and protect my skin with a soothing scent.”

Kristina Davis

Kristina Davis, Partner at Navy Beach Restaurant

“I have a fabulous La Troupe beach bag I got in Tulum that I love and use for myself, but when I have my twin daughters and husband along, I use a great bag that I got at Target--it’s large and I don’t mind that it takes a beating. I bring a Navy Beach towel we sell at the restaurant, magazines and prescription sunglasses.”

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, Founder of Elements Fitness

“In my beach bag is sunscreen, a resistance band and my headphones. I make playlists on the beach, and after working out all morning it feels so good to use the band to stretch in the warm sun.”

Tanya Becker

Tanya Becker, Chief Creative Officer and Cofounder of Physique 57

“I always have Bai (antioxidant infused water), Juice Beauty sunscreen, my iPad for my Physique 57 VOD workouts and a good summer read in my bag. I love a good biography.”

Elisabeth Halfpapp

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Co-Creator of Core Fusion

“I always carry filtered water in a glass bottle (better than the plastic getting warm in the sun or heat), sunscreen, towelettes for hands and my Sweaty Betty athletic two-piece bathing suit; I can also wear the top when I teach.”

Dina Kaplan

Dina Kaplan, Founder of The Path

“My beach bag has sunscreen with only natural ingredients and no zinc (very important for health). I also bring a bottle of water, my Warby Parker sunglasses and a Chanel lip gloss I’m borderline obsessed with. I also carry around my Kindle, because I love reading about Buddhism and leadership (working on both). I try to minimize phone time in the Hamptons so I can be mindful and relax--this is the best way to return to the city with a Hamptons glow.”

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