5 Homey, Gorgeous Hotels That Make Us Want to Check In and Never Leave

Ever visited a hotel and thought to yourself, I’d like to stay here forever? Same—and in the case of these newly tricked-out establishments, those are our sentiments exactly. If you, too, seek great design and utter coziness, prepare to bucket-list these five swoony boutique hotels.

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Halcyon House In Cabarita Beach, Australia

Located on a pristine stretch of Australian beachfront, this swanky surf lodge is decorated like the beach house of our absolute dreams. 

The vibe: Riviera-chic meets New England.   

Design highlights: Beautifully curated gallery walls; natural woven furnishings; a blue and white decor scheme; delightfully busy pattern mixing. 

We mean, have you seen a cuter gallery wall? Like, ever? 

It's hard to be unhappy surrounded by a palette like this, people.

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards In Paris, France

At this 50-bedroom hotel in the center of the bourgeois districts, traditional French design gets a modern, romantic and perfectly quirky makeover. 

The vibe: Marie Antoinette tries out hygge.

Design highlights: Dramatic canopied beds; a moody, jewel-toned palette; rustic exposed beams; low-fuss furnishings.

We know there's like, Paris, outside the window. But this room's settee looks like a heavenly place to while away an afternoon. 

Casa Legado In Bogota, Colombia

This quaint, seven-bedroom hotel offers light-hearted design, happy colors and communal spaces that make you feel right at home. 

The vibe: Whimsical tropical holiday.

Design highlights: Wild wallpaper prints; patterned tiles; contemporary furnishings; quirky decorative details. 

Rope swing nightstands? Palm frond wallpaper? This guest room puts a huge smile on our face. 

Blame it on this chic indoor-outdoor terrace—we’re totally pining for retro black-and-white flooring now.

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Pontchartrain Hotel In New Orleans, Louisiana

In NOLA's lush and architecturally significant Garden District, this grand hotel offers a fresh spin on antebellum style.

The vibe: Moody southern belle moves to Park Avenue.

Design highlights: Sumptuous fabrics (think: crushed velvets and silk brocades); polished woods; oil paintings; thoughtful decorative touches.

Welp, now we plan on squeezing a posh little sitting nook into our bedrooms. 

Holiday House In Palm Springs, California

This iconic hotel in downtown Palm Springs recently received a posh, playful makeover packed with unique and homey touches.  

The vibe: Don Draper visits SoCal.

Design highlights: Wicker and rattan details; a blue and white palette; modern art; clean, midcentury-inspired furnishings.

Umm, can we for real keep the bar cart?

If anybody needs us, we'll be bookmarking every chic and fun design decision (accent walls! gallery walls!) until further notice.


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