One Mom Took the Electric BMW iX for a Test-Drive—Here’s Her Take

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Curious about electric vehicles? EVs, as they’re known, are more environmentally friendly and can help you save on fuel costs—two pretty compelling reasons to drive one, if you ask us. But these tech-savvy vehicles might also feel like a big leap from the cars you’re used to, especially if you have kids, a partner or a pet in tow.

First off, we get it. Second, let us direct you to BMW’s line of electric vehicles. What makes both the BMW iX and i4 different? Well, not only do they have all the bells and whistles and are fun to drive, but they’re also family-friendly and will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Plus, there’s a reason now is the best time to make the switch to electric: The iX and i4 are part of BMW’s Summer On Sales Event, which means you can get special offers before the season ends.

But don’t just take our word for it. Mom-of-two @KnightsGlow took the iX on a test-drive/yogurt run with the kids to try it out for herself. Here are the highlights.

Knight was able to pack all the gear that comes with being a parent in the iX’s spacious trunk (check out that cool extra hidden compartment). Mom is further impressed with the sleek, elegant interiors and voice-activated lumbar massage built into the seats, while little Isley is impressed with the iDrive 8 Operating System opening the rear windows. Plus, the Parking Assistant helps Knight drive into a spot safely—always important, but especially when you have kids in the backseat. All that and the iX has an up to 300-mile range, dual electric motors with all-wheel drive and it can go 0-60 mph in as quick as 3.6 seconds.

So as you can see, a BMW EV ticks all the boxes: innovative, luxurious, perfect for busy families and good for the future too. Head over to BMW’s website to learn more and see your available Summer On Sales Event offers right now.

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