14 of the Best Wineries in Napa Valley to Tour on Your Next Weekend Getaway

There's no shortage of grape-centric splendors in the Napa Valley. But where do you even begin? Picking the best wineries in Napa is like trying to decide between a 2004 Napa cabernet vintage and a 2006 vintage—impossible! While the "best" is truly subjective (are you after a particular wine varietal? A great view? Something unique?), we've rounded up 14 spots that aren't to be missed, taking into account vino offerings, ambience, activities and vineyard merits. In short? There's a spot here your group will enjoy, whether you're a wine snob or a grape-loving newbie.

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1. Domaine Carneros

  • Why We Recommend It: Stunning grounds, sustainable practices, Champagne masters
  • Tasting Prices: From $40 per person
  • Where to Stay: Meritage Resort & Spa, from $482 per night

If it’s stunning views you’re after, it’s hard to beat Domaine Carneros. Built in 1989, this jaw-dropping landmark, which was modeled after the Château de la Marquetterie (the home of Champagne Tattinger, who started the Domaine Carneros) in Champagne, France, overlooks six ranches spanning 400 acres of vineyards. There’s more to this property than the sweeping staircases, breathtaking terraces and formal gardens, however. For one thing, it’s a huge champion of sustainability, boasting Napa Green certification (which reportedly has one of the most rigorous vetting processes) and a massive solar collection system for renewable energy and minimal waste, as the vineyard claims to keep 90 percent of its refuse out of landfills. There’s also the effervescent sparkling wine, aka the house’s shining star. Let the bubbly flow!

707-257-0101, 1240 Duhig Rd., Napa, California, 94559,

2. Chateau Montelena Winery

  • Why We Recommend It: Award-winning white varietals, castle vibes
  • Tasting Prices: From $45 per person
  • Where to Stay: Foothill House, from $315

This place looks like a castle out of our childhood storybooks, and really, what more do you need to know? We also hear they have pretty good wine—particularly if you fancy a white. The winery took home first place in a blind taste test known as the Judgement of Paris for its chardonnay by some of the toughest critics on the planet when it comes to American vino—the French. It’s also one of the only vineyards in the area to produce Riesling.

707-942-5105, 1429 Tubbs Ln., Calistoga, CA, 94515,

best wineries in napa raymond vineyards
Raymond Vineyards

3. Raymond Vineyards

  • Why We Recommend It: Unique winemaker’s experience, high-quality blends, biodynamic farming
  • Tasting Prices: From $35 per person
  • Where to Stay: Archer Hotel Napa, from $428 per night

This is not—we repeat, this is not—your typical Napa winery. Then again, that’s kind of the point. When you’ve done the whole, “drinks overlooking the vineyard” thing to death, it’s time to head to Raymond for a whole new experience. Guests are greeted by a garden of white roses that leads into the “Theater of Nature,” where the winery’s biodynamic farming (a technique in which earthly elements, such as celestial rhythms, impact how, and when, a crop will be harvested) is on full display. And when you’re ready to get your drink on, you can head inside the winery’s crown jewel: the Red Room. As its name suggest, the space is all red velvet and chandeliers—all the better to match the cabernet you’ll be drinking from Director of Winemaking Stephanie Putnam (we’re partial to the LVE cab—the vineyard’s collaboration with the one and only John Legend). Also unique? The vineyard's Winemaker for a Day experience, an immersive experience that lets you mix and match grape varietals to your heart’s content to create your very own bottle of vino. We speak from experience when we say it’s harder than you might think—let's just say grapes perform very differently solo than they do in a blend—but it's well worth the effort.

707-963-3141, 1584 S. Helena Hwy., St. Helena, CA, 94574,

best wineries napa darioush
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4. Darioush Winery

  • Why We Recommend It: Cultural feel, olive oil pairing experience, dedication to hospitality
  • Tasting Prices: From $85
  • Where to Stay: Silverado Resort and Spa, from $623

Everything about Darioush, from the grand estate columns that are made in the likeness of Persepolis and the rich décor right down to the stylish wine bottles, which feature historical Persian art, showcase proprietor Darious Khaledi’s love for his Iranian culture and give the winery’s visitors a taste for something different. Reportedly the first winery with a full-time concierge to take care of its guests' every need, Darioush is a full-service experience—there's even a fireplace for chillier nights. We love that there's also a dedicated olive oil expert on hand to lead the winery's ultra-unique pairing experience that will make you feel like you’re part of the old country.

707-257-235; 4240 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA, 94558;

best wineries in napa robert mondavi
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5. Robert Mondavi Winery

  • Why We Recommend It: Historical grounds, classic experience
  • Tasting Prices: From $60 per person
  • Where to Stay: Napa Valley Lodge, from $563 per night

First time to Napa? You’re going to want the full Robert Mondavi experience. Sure, you know the name from your grocery store wine shelf, but when it comes to Napa, Robert Mondavi is kind of a big deal. For starters, his was the first major winery to open in the area following prohibition in 1966, paving the way for other growers to follow suit. Nowadays, you can come to take in the late winemaker’s vision while overlooking the Macayamas Mountains on the patio before touring the historic Kalon vineyards, of which Mondavi himself has said, “Walking through to Kalon, admiring its contours and vines, smelling the richness of its soil, I knew this was a very special place. It exuded an indefinable quality I could not describe, a feeling that was almost mystical.”

888-766-6328 x 2, 7801 St. Helena Hwy., Napa, CA, 94558,

best wineries in napa inglenook
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6. Inglenook Winery

  • Why We Recommend It: More private tasting experience, glamorous estate
  • Tasting Prices: From $60 per person
  • Where to Stay: Rancho Caymus Inn, from $535 per night

On the other hand, locals who have had their fill of the usual tourist hotspots can seek refuge at Francis and Eleanor Coppola’s little-known winery, Inglenook. (Yes, the same Francis Coppola responsible for The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.) For the last 40-plus years, the Oscar-winner has been hard at work restoring the estate to its former pre-prohibition glory, even being honored with a Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 for his efforts. His influence can be felt throughout the property, from the movie memorabilia museum that can be be found inside the Inglenook Chateau to the film set-like lawn, which features a gorgeous reflection pool and iconic fountains that look like something out of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Francis also had a hand in the addition and expansion of the winery’s Infinity Caves, which stretch out by 23,000 square-feet and house 120 fermenting tanks.

707-968-1100, 1991 St. Helena Hwy., Rutherford, CA, 94573;

best wineries in napa del dotto
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7. Del Dotto Estate Winery And Caves

  • Why We Recommend It: Wine tasting caves, celeb watching, fine dining
  • Tasting Price: $125 per person
  • Where to stay: Napa Farmhouse Inn, $450

Tell us the truth: Do you really think that Kris Jenner would settle for anything less than the crème de la crème? Us either, which is why we’re positively certain that the family’s favorite winery in the area is nothing less than magical. “So this…winery is kind of our go-to, whenever we come to Napa, so it’s tradition to stop by,” Khloé Kardashian said of Del Dotto in a 2020 clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “My mom, every time so far, gets her drunkest at this winery.” We can definitely see why—this joint has a culinary program that’s led by a Michelin-star chef, a tasting cave and a cathedral-like, Venetian-style estate that pays homage to the Del Dotto family roots. That being said, you may find it’s crowded with eager fans hoping to catch a glimpse of everyone’s favorite momager (and her brood), so it’s a good idea to book your reservations well in advance.

707-963-2134, 1445 St. Helena Hwy., St. Helena, CA, 94574;

best wineries napa v sattui
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

8. V. Sattui

  • Why We Recommend It: Award-winning wines, laid-back atmosphere
  • Tasting Prices: From $45 per person
  • Where to stay: Vineyard Country Inn, from $240 per night

Sattui has a pretty cool family history. The winery was around back in the late 1800s, but went into retirement after the Prohibition. More than 40 years later, it was resurrected by founder Vittorio Sattui’s great-grandson, Dario Sattui. Since then, it has flourished, even taking home top honors as Winery of the Year in 2015 in the Critics Challenge Wine Competition. The vibe here matches the familial feel, too—while a tasting room is available, you’ll also find a shaded communal picnic area where you can sip at your leisure if you’re not exactly a wine crowd-regular. There’s also a deli available for light nibbles.

707-963-7774, 1111 White Ln. St. Helena, CA, 94574;

This is one of the Valley’s best-hidden gems (literally—it’s buried in a cave in the hillside and is only visible from above.) Needless to say, it’s ultra-private, and by appointment only. Once you’re in the underground tasting room, however, you’ll be treated to several red limited edition blends from Julian Fayard, a French-born winemaker that’s widely lauded as one of Napa Valley’s finest.

707-337-5943, 15 Chateau Ln., Napa, CA, 94558;

10. Spottswoode

  • Why We Recommend It: Organic wines, first B Corp-certified winery, biodynamic farming
  • Where to Stay: Inn St. Helena, from $299 per person
  • Tasting Prices: $75 per person

Spottswoode was hopping on the organic train way before it was cool to (we’re talking 1985, people!). Not only did it earn its California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certification in 1992, it was the very first winery to become B Corp-certified. (Basically, they're taking very good care of the environment around them.) The estate itself looks like something out of The Notebook, and the wine’s not too shabby, either: Its cabernet selections have been hailed as among the world’s best by the likes of Forbes.

707-963-0134, 1902 Madrona Ave., St. Helena, CA, 94574;

best wineries napa beaulieu
Liz Hafalia/Getty Images

11. Beaulieu Vineyard

  • Why We Recommend It: World-famous reserves, historical site
  • Tasting Prices: From $55
  • Where to Stay: Hilton Garden Inn Napa, From $325 per night

History buffs will no doubt geek out over the 100-plus-year-old grounds at Beaulieu Vineyards—the core of the vineyard was built around four stone walls that were first erected in 1885. It also served as the stomping grounds for a man who is widely regarded as one of Napa’s most influential winemakers of all time—André Tchelistcheff. A mentor to the likes of Robert Mondavi himself, Tchelistcheff shaped all of the winemaking practices that take place at Beaulieu today, including aging wine in small oak French barrels and building a cooling room to ferment white wines. On your visit, which offers options for a 120-minute tasting tour, you can even taste selections of the vineyard’s world-famous reserves, which Tschelistcheff helped to preserve.

707-257-5749, 1960 S. Helena Hwy., Rutherford, CA, 94573;

best wineries in napa stag s leap
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars

12. Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars

Why We Recommend It: Award-winning cab, private cave dining

Where to Stay: Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley, from $388

Tasting Prices: From $50 per person

You’ll find lots of cabernet sauvignon in Napa—it is considered the king of Napa Valley grapes, after all—but only Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars took home the bacon in the Judgment of Paris competition that took place in 1976 for the best cabernet sauvignon. You’ll also find a whopping 34,000 square-feet of wine caves here, the entrance of which features exposed rock arches crafted by Barcelona architect Javier Barba. Step inside this structure (better known as the Arcade), and you’ll be greeted by the Great Room, which you can book for private dinners to keep the tasting party going after you’ve explored the grounds.

707-261-6410, 5766 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA, 94558;

best wineries napa hall wines
Randall Michelson/Getty Images

13. Hall Wines

  • Why We Recommend It: Expansive art exhibits,
  • Tasting Prices: From $50
  • Where to Stay: El Bonita Motel, from $170 per night

The wine cave at Hall Wines, where the goods are barrel-aged and stored, is a site to behold, with its repurposed Austrian bricks and Donald Lipski-designed chandelier centerpiece. And that’s just the beginning. Art lovers will relish in the unrivaled collection that’s been assembled here by vitners Kathryn and Craig Hall, with work from creators such as Nick Cave and Lawrence Argent on display for guests to take in as they sip on the winery’s cab, merlot and sauvignon blanc varietals.

707-967-2626, 401 St. Helena Hwy. S., St. Helena, CA, 94574;

14. Castello Di Amorosa

  • Why We Recommend It: 13th century Tuscan-style castle, accolade-worthy blends
  • Tasting Prices: From $50
  • Where to Stay: Calistoga Wine Way Inn, from $233

Surprise! We saved the best for last. Dario Sattui wasn't quite content to revel in his family's legacy after rebuilding V. Sattui: He created his own with a masterpiece of a Tuscan castle better known as Castello di Amorosa. "I built it employing the same methods and materials that would have been used 700 to 800 years ago. You can’t fake something like this. You either do it right or people will know it’s not authentic," he explained on the winery's website. Authentic, it most certainly is—this baby, which took a whopping 15 years to build, has 107 rooms, a moat, a drawbridge (is your jaw on the floor yet?) stables, an armory and even (gulp!) a torture chamber. Luckily, guests are in for a more pleasurable experience thanks to the celebrated wine collection that's tucked away in its vaulted cellars.

707-967-6272, 4045 St. Helena Hwy. Calistoga, CA, 94515;

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