The 14 Best Places to Travel in November

November is usually more aligned with holiday prep than jet setting but traveling during this shoulder season is a great time to burn those last few vacation days. The shoulder season also offers flight deals to bucket-list destinations, milder weather in extreme climates, and a less busy time to tour Insta-worthy sites.

"You're missing the summer crowd and the Christmas crowd, so it's the perfect time of the season to travel if you are a little bit aware of the weather," says Joan Roca, CEO and founder of the bespoke travel planning company, Essentialist.

"You get more connected to the destinations this time of the year because it's more of the local atmosphere, but there's a lot going on," adds Roca. "You feel like you can do a little bit of everything and discover the city at your own pace."

To help you discover your next trip, here's our list of the best places to travel in November 2022.

A red street car in the French Quarter lined by palm trees.
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1. New Orleans, Louisiana

November in NOLA is bustling with food, music, and culture, but you won't have to deal with summer's heat waves and crowds. From beignets to po boys to gumbo, savor local Cajun and Creole cuisine, or stroll the French Quarter for a taste of history—or if you're up for a party.

"The change of seasons is always something beautiful," adds Roca. "There's always this opportunity of doing a little bit more and doing some activities that maybe are not possible in summer."    

Early November is a foodie and cultural paradise with the Bayou Bacchanal festival celebrating Caribbean Culture in the city, the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival.

Row of palm trees at dusk in Miami.
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2. Miami, Florida

This coastal metropolis is a popular vacation spot for its renowned restaurants, nightlife, art, and luxury hotels. But, Roca notes the city's more recent transformation makes it worth a visit this November.

"We see a lot of people are discovering it again from different angles," adds Roca. "And there's like a lot of things going on like new properties, new restaurants, new exhibitions… It's a different city these days."

November is also Miami Live Arts Month and a great time to explore the city as you enjoy plant-based eats during Seed Food & Wine Week. If you're in the holiday spirit, November also kicks off the city's holiday preparations illuminating the city.

Street view of downtown Austin at night.
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3. Austin, Texas

Austin is an excellent destination for foodies and music lovers. Plus, November gets you closer to those comfy 70-degree days and out of the dreaded Texas heat.

"There's a lot of cultural music scenes, and there's a lot of activities," says Roca. "This is the kind of place for the culture, the entertainment, and the music crowd."

Austin has so much more than Texas's staple BBQ, and you can explore the city's food scene during the Austin Food & Wine Festival. Then catch some live music or a comedy show at Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater. You can also experience local art from Latinx and Hispanic artists during Latino Art Weekend.

Downtown Santa Fe at dusk with purple mountains in background.
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4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to Roca, New Mexico is a great place to discover in November, thanks to good weather and being an unlikely destination on people's radar.

Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain foothills, Santa Fe offers a mix of nature, art, music, and historic Pueblo-style architecture. Local art is everywhere in the city, but Santa Fe is primarily known for its textile arts. November also hosts the upcycled art market at Recycle Santa Fe for more modern arts.

Enjoy the mountain views hiking the Aspen Vista Trail, or catch some early skiing at the Santa Fe Ski Basin if the weather cooperates. Santa Fe also offers incredible live music venues and a unique mix of cuisines, including Mexican, Pueblo, Spanish, Native American, and Tex-Mex eats.

Central Park Reservoir in fall.
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5. New York, New York

NYC's pre-holiday season lets you live out your Hallmark Christmas movie fantasies. With the temperature dropping into prime sweater weather, enjoy holiday activities like ice skating, strolling through Macy's, touring the holiday lights and storefronts, and shopping at Christmas markets.

"Christmas comes very early in New York," says Roca. "We definitely see it as a destination that can be a good fit for this quick Christmas season… It's always a city that transforms itself. No matter what happens, it always comes out strong and with a new wave of reinvention."

Musical theater fans will also love the exclusive and free viewings during  Broadway Under The Stars and Broadway Performances at Hudson Yards. Brooklyn's arts and entertainment scene are also busy with Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Folks Festival. Plus, patio season also isn't quite over in November, and many rooftop bars are still open for a nightcap and views.

Wide view of Park City with ski slopes covered in red-leafed trees.
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6. Park City, Utah

Winter is usually the prime time for fresh powder in Park City. But you can score some great skiing deals when late November snow hits.

"Depending on the year, some ski resorts open mid, late November," says Roca. "If you have the flexibility—and you keep an eye on the snow reports—you can sometimes get very good deals because they are just opening the ski season. And there's not a lot of people who book in advance for those days."

When you're not hitting the slopes, head to Olympic Park to check out the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. You can enjoy the snow with tubing or get major G's bobsledding. For more relaxation, lounge in a cozy lodge or visit Main Street's historic buildings, restaurants, and quaint boutiques.

Bridge to porto over orange sunset.
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7. Porto, Portugal

  • Why We Love It: easy flights, food + wine, historic and artsy architecture, public transportation
  • Where to Stay: Luz Calma (from $100/night), In the Village (from $289/night),

November is the start of Portugal's winter and a low tourism season. However, it still offers relatively warm temps that are perfect for exploring the coastal city's iconic bridges, lavish architecture, and Port wine scene.

"In Porto, you get a combination of a very lively city with lots going on and lots of food. It's kind of ticking all the boxes for the modern traveler."

As you stroll the winding cobblestone streets, there are always colorful murals and street artists among the buildings that date back to the Middle Ages. The Ribeira district also offers more modern shops and restaurants to experience some of Portugal's best cuisine.

Buzzing market at twilight in Marrakesh.
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8. Marrakech, Morocco

  • Why We Love It: cooler temps, vibrant culture, easy to combine with other European destinations
  • Where to Stay: Riad Goloboy (from $108/night), Dar Silsila (from $72/night)

If you're looking for a more exotic destination full of intricate palaces, mosques, and gardens, Morocco finally starts to cool down in November. An ideal time for walking the colorful walled marketplaces of the Medina quarter and savoring Moroccan cuisine at the food stalls.  

"[November] is a perfect time of the year," says Roca. "You're going to have perfect weather, it is going to be mild and maybe will get a little bit cooler overnight."

Roca also suggests combining a trip to Morocco with a European destination like Paris or Madrid. It's a great way to combine different cultural experiences into one trip.

A tranquil beach front with palm fronds, chairs and huts.
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9. Placencia, Belize

  • Why We Love It: cooler weather, jungles, beaches, travel deals, cultural festivals
  • Where to Stay: Point House (from $165/night), La Vida Belize Casita (from $172/night)

"Belize is a destination we are recommending for a lot of discovery, and it's a place that embodies what you picture the Caribbean to be," says Roca.

If you're ready for turquoise blue waters and tranquil beaches, Belize is coming out of its rainy season in November. Temperatures will also be mild, perfect for hiking the rain forests and Mayan ruins.

November is also the beginning of Belize's peak season, so you may be able to snag some deals on hotels and tours before the crowds roll in. Plus, it's one of the best times to experience Belize's vibrant culture during the country's biggest national holiday Garifuna Settlement Day.

Stunning vista of a man-made trail to an emerald-colored glacier basin.
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10. Santiago and Viña del Mar Chile + Chilean Patagonia

Why We Love It: varied landscapes, food + wine, fewer crowds, cooler weather

Where to Stay: Hotel Plaza San Francisco in Santiago (from $139/night), Geodesic Dome With Glacier and Mountain Views in Chilean Patagonia (from $159/night)

Chile is entering the end of its spring shoulder season in November, so you'll likely avoid large crowds. Perfect for exploring the country's breathtaking views of the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains, the Pacific coastline, or the cityscapes of Santiago. You'll want to take your Chile vacation beyond one destination.

 "Chile has a little bit of everything," says Roca. "You move from the desert to forest to cities….There is a combination of great wine, great accommodation (there are hotels that are very innovative and have sustainability aspects as well), and it is one of the best places in the world to do star gazing."

The Chilean side of Patagonia also offers picturesque glacial lakes and rainforests. And if you're up for an epic trip through the wilderness, you can also make your way to the Argentine side. 

Lush waterfall in Argentinian Patagonia.
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11. Buenos Aires and Mendoza Argentina + Argentine Patagonia 

Chile's neighbor Argentina is also experiencing its shoulder season, making it a great time to get some deals and beat the crowds. You'll wonder in the country's natural beauty surrounded by the Andes, even while walking the city of Buenos Aires. In Patagonia, you'll see the Argentine side's grassland, deserts, and ice fields.

"Argentina is such a broad country from the South to the North," says Roca. "La Pampa, for instance, is a very interesting destination people are enjoying a lot, where you see those big fields."

This November, Buenos Aires is also hosting a stop during the famous Primavera Sound Festival's South America route. Plus, no trip to Argentina is complete without sipping the region's Malbecs in Mendoza wine country.

Shot of Eiffel Tower as the sun sets.
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12. Paris, France  

Paris is having a revival, and everyone wants to go (Thanks, Emily in Paris). However, Roca notes that visiting this destination during peak season is getting very expensive. But in November, tourism dips, so you'll score more discounts on flights and hotels.

It'll be chilly, but you'll miss the harsh winter as you stroll the city's romantic and historic streets. And, the weather can't put a damper on enjoying the galleries at the Louvre and enjoying French cuisine and wine. If you take a trip to the South of France, November has specialty foodie events like the Bordeaux So Good festival.

Roca also notes that now is the time to visit Paris before the city hosts the 2024 Olympics, as he thinks we'll see an even bigger influx of tourism.

View of Florence, Italy in fall with yellowing leaves.
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13. Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy 

Why We Love It: travel deals, arts + entertainment, public transportation, less crowded, food + wine

Where to Stay: Trevi Palace Hotel in Rome (from $121/night), Al Ponte Antico Hotel in Venice (from $191/night), Hotel David in Florence (from $117/night)

An Italian vacation is another bucket list trip, but it's costly and crowded during the peak seasons. But if you travel in November, you can see the ruins of Rome, the canals of Venice, and the world's most renowned artists in Florence—without breaking the bank. You can also catch the end of the Venice Biennale—a cultural art exhibition featuring artists from around the globe.

"This year, we've had the unique combination of very hot weather, and the top destinations were extremely busy," says Roca. "November is still a very good time because the prices will be less than half of what they used to be."

You'll trade fewer crowds and flight deals for cooler weather and some rain. But the fresh pasta, caffè, and wine will warm you right up.

Skyline view of Auckland, New Zealand.
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14. Auckland, New Zealand

  • Why We Love It: mild weather, arts + entertainment, beaches, food + wine, multi-cultural
  • Where to Stay: Whangaparaoa Lodge (from $91/night), Hotel DeBrett (from $245/night)

A November trip to New Zealand's largest city is a great way to escape the winter weather for a mix of urban and natural sites. "It's the best part of the spring there, so it's a good window of opportunity," adds Roca.

Sky Tower offers impressive views of Viaduct Harbour in the city, and there's a multi-cultural mix of local cuisine and wine. For more local history and art, learn about the indigenous Maori culture at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and enjoy live music at several venues.  

Nearby Waiheke Island also offers natural landscapes full of vineyards and fine dining. Or visit Rangitoto Island to hike up a dormant volcano.

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