14 Photos That Perfectly Show Why This Mexican City Is the Next Big Travel Destination

San Miguel de Allende has been the smart traveler’s best-kept secret for a while now. But word’s getting out. And everybody wants to walk down its colorful streets, see its impressive colonial Spanish architecture and eat some of the best food, wine and mescal in the country. But don’t just take our word for it—these pictures of San Miguel de Allende speak a thousand words.

Whoa, Your Wanderlust Might All Come Down to Your Genes

First stop: La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel Church, which towers over the city in spectacular fashion.

Bright strings of flags wave a welcome to tourists as they explore the winding streets.

Look all around you: The Spanish architecture abounds.

As does the vibrant street art peppered throughout the city.

Bring your sketchbook along. You’ll feel the sudden urge to channel Bob Ross.

Thinking of taking that art seriously? Head to the University School of Fine Arts’ colorful convent turned classroom.

Pretty much as gorgeous as a morning stroll can get.

Even in the rain this place is strikingly beautiful.

It wouldn’t be Mexico without a few elegantly positioned cacti in front of sunset-colored walls.

Play “I Spy” for the intricate floral carvings throughout the city. They’re one of the reasons it's deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another day, another history-filled cobblestone street to explore.

Keep an eye out for voluminous flower arches perched over doorways.

Return to the city’s eponymous church at night to see the towers illuminated.

A hot-air balloon ride over one of the best cities on the planet? Don’t mind if we do.



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