6 Gorgeous Houses (with Pools!) to Rent in Greece...on Any Budget

Skip the usual family road trip or the big group getaway across state lines. This year, we’re taking the crew international. With affordable rates—and breathtaking accommodations—it’s time to take that Greece vacation off the back burner. Here are six Grecian house rentals ranging from super affordable to blow-your-budget luxe. And yes, they all include pools.

guesthouse in paros with pool

Guesthouse In Paros

Sleeps: 5

Rate: $32/night

While you may not have heard of Paros, this island is the non-touristy answer to a Mykonos getaway—and a whole lot more affordable (no, you did not misread the nightly rate). The traditional Greek home is just a short drive to great beaches (including excellent windsurfing and diving), shopping and restaurants. But according to past guests, the grounds (pool, gardens and playground) are gorgeous enough to stay put.

chanian mountain estate with pool

Chanian Mountain Estate

Sleeps: 14

Rate: $114

Remote mountain mansion, anyone? This gem in central Crete is like no place you’ve ever stayed before. Built 100-plus years ago, this stone abode’s nooks and crannies will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time—ya know, despite being connected to Wi-Fi.

saronic gulf villa with pool

Saronic Gulf Villa

Sleeps: 6

Rate: $188/night

About an hour and 30 minutes outside of Athens, you could be sitting on your private balcony sipping coffee while listening to the sound of waves crashing. (For $188 a night? That seriously could be you and your five besties.) Decide to leave your personal oasis? The surrounding beaches are quiet and largely empty. Psst: Past guests suggest bringing a snorkel, since the waters are so clear.

caldera cliff house in santorini with pool

Caldera Cliff House In Santorini

Sleeps: 5

Rate: $317/night

Carved into a cliff more than 250 years ago, this property was originally used as a wine cellar. Now, you can sleep here and relax on the breathtaking patio…while sipping wine, of course. Hey, 250 years doesn’t change everything. But those magical caldera sunsets? They’re still around, too.

aegean island villa with pool

Aegean Island Villa

Sleeps: 16

Rate: $507/night

Another steal on the list, this villa (OK, it actually feels more like an entire village) located in Styra is easily accessible from Athens with a short ferry yet feels as if it’s been plopped in a yet-to-be-discovered part of the world. Did we mention a staff prepares a meal every day? This spot has serious Mama Mia! vibes.

mykonos villa with pool

Mykonos Villa

Sleeps: 10

Rate: $1,268

Two words: sea-front villa. Grab nine of your favorite people and book this dreamy getaway just steps away from the famous Agrari Beach. Or ya know, just hang around your own private lagoon-style infinity pool sipping ouzo.


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