The Safest Countries for Solo Lady Travelers

Peace of mind when going it alone

Traveling solo is an enriching experience, offering up the chance for the kind of discovery and self-growth you just won’t get with Aunt Meg and Cousin Judy in tow. As far as safety goes, you can bet on the tried and true--Canada, Europe, Australia, Scandinavia--or give one of these still super-safe and off-the-beaten-path destinations a try.



It may be expensive, but there’s almost no crime in the land of geysers, trolls and Sigur Rós. Plus, pretty much everyone here speaks perfect English, which will make it much easier to maneuver your way around. (But do learn the phrase “góðan daginn,” which means “good morning” and sounds like “goin dyin.”)

Where to stay: Studio apartment in downtown Reykjavík ($78 per night)



Japan is consistently ranked as one of the safest places in the world--and many lodging options are designed with single travelers in mind (read: small but secure).

Where to stay: Boutique hotel with views of Tokyo ($182 per night)



Put your fear of caning aside: A recent World Justice Project report ranked Singapore as one of the safest countries in the world (following Japan). Plus, it has fantastic public transportation that connects the entire country, so you don’t have to rely on pricey cabs and private vehicles.

Where to stay: Boutique hotel in Chinatown (from $120 per night) 



This small country--surrounded by Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy--has a small population and an even smaller number of tourists. For this reason, locals treat travelers like their own. Plus, it’s well-connected to most major cities in Europe for quick jaunts in and out.

Where to stay: Chalet-style hotel in the northern Alps ($130 per night)



Bali is so well known to solo travelers (hello, Eat Pray Love) that it’s getting a bit overrun by them. Take a short flight to this smaller island off the coast of Bali for an equally safe spiritual retreat.

Where to stay: Idyllic villa in Kuta ($100 per night)



Before you get all Brokedown Palace nervous, know that Laos is probably the safest country in southeast Asia--mainly because it’s so untouched. Laos has preserved both its environment and culture and is less subject to the petty theft common in Thailand and Vietnam.

Where to stay: Boutique hotel near the Mekong River (from $130 per night)



This may sound alarm bells, but Morocco can actually be super safe as long as you join group tours (don’t worry, they still visit the Kasbahs and indigenous Berber villages) and plan solo activities during daylight hours. Also, we know you love that spaghetti-strap romper, but do respect the culture by keeping your arms and legs covered (this will also make you less of a target).

Where to stay: Stylish riad in Fes ($60 per night)



There’s a growing trend of Indian women traveling alone in their own country, but this recommendation for solo travel doesn’t come without warning: For the safest bet, choose a spiritual retreat in places like Dharamsala or Rishikesh, where you’ll likely be surrounded by other Western women.

Where to stay: Guesthouse in Dharamsala with a view (from $20 per night) 

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