4 Places a Savvy Travel Blogger Wants to Go in 2018 (Before Everyone Hears About Them)

We followed Monroe Steele’s travel diaries from Marrakech to Havana and are still trying to understand how someone can look so stylish while living out of a suitcase. Sure, we’ll probably never be able to pull off a high slit like she can, but we can at least copy her itineraries. Here are the cities she has her heart set on for 2018.

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oaxaca mexico where to go in 2018 according to monroe steale
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Oaxaca City, Mexico

“Everyone flocks to Cabo or Cancun, but Oaxaca City is where Mexican authenticity is in full view. This city is known for its burgeoning food scene, incredible culture and gorgeous, tree-shaded streets. While the city itself is landlocked, I would love to take a day trip to Puerto Escondido, a port town on the coast of Oaxaca (the state), to shop the markets for local artifacts. A visit to architectural gem Casa Wabi, by master architect Tadao Ando, is also a must for what looks like the best Instragram photos of all time.”

Where to stay: Hotel Escondido

arusha tanzania where to go in 2018 according to monroe steale
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Arusha, Tanzania

“Everyone knows about the pristine beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania, but what about the wild, untamed, natural beauty that exists in the bush? I want to see Mount Kilimanjaro with my own eyes in the distance while knowing that I’m at the halfway point between Cape Town and Cairo (so cool, right?). It comes down to this: I’ve always wanted to pet a giraffe and this is most definitely the place to do it.”

Where to stay: Hatari Lodge

giverny france where to go in 2018 according to monroe steale
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Giverny, France

“Just an hour or so ride from Paris and you’re in the idyllic village that’s basically a pilgrimage for impressionist lovers. I can picture myself sitting in the garden that inspired the iconic water lily paintings by Claude Monet. So yes, this one is definitely on my to-do list. I’ll come for the gardens and stay for the homemade pies I’ve heard are sold in the small markets around town.”

Where to stay: The Hermitage Bed & Breakfast

siem reap cambodia where to go in 2018 according to monroe steale
Zannier Hotels

Siem Reap, Cambodia

“I like going places that evoke a sense of awe, and Cambodia seems like endless inspiration, with Siem Reap at the center of so many things. I want to see the temples, especially Banteay Srei (the Temple of Women) and finally meet a monk. It’d be great to center myself, do some mediation and eat some incredible cuisine. Plus, have you seen a more serene-looking hotel?”

Where to stay: Phum Baitang


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