The One Thing That's Better Than Rice for a Wet Phone

Your emergency game plan

All you were trying to do was FaceTime your mom and wash a few dishes at the same time. Next thing you know, your definitely-not-waterproof iPhone is swimming in the sink with the sponges and the suds. Ughhh. If you want a shot at saving your lifeline, you’ll need to act fast. Here’s exactly what to do.

1. Grab it and turn your phone off immediately. The less time your phone spends submerged, the better. Once it’s out of the water, do not (we repeat, do not) check to see if it’s working. Turn it off immediately or you’ll risk shorting out your phone’s circuit board.

2. Shove it in a bowl of kitty litter. Contrary to popular belief, rice is not the best way to save your wet phone, according to tech site Gazelle, which tested nine different methods (rice coming in last). Instead, hold the phone with the inputs-side down, give it a good shake and towel off the exterior. Finally, bury it in a bowl full of cat litter or even couscous--two of the most effective absorbing agents.

3. Wait at least 24 hours before turning your phone back on. Truth: 48 to 72 hours is actually the most ideal. Think of it as the technology detox you didn’t plan for. Because if you turn your phone back on before it’s actually dry, it might malfunction…for good.