The Trick to Throwing a Memorable Virtual Party? Magic (Yes, Seriously)

We’ve been hosting almost all our social events over virtual platforms like Zoom and Skype for what feels like ages (for the sake of our mental health, we won’t get into exact numbers…), and yet, it’s still a challenge to figure out the best way to throw a Google Hangouts party. Activities seem like a great way to keep things orderly, but not everyone has the supplies or ability to cook along with a group or wants to learn a new dance routine from a professional salsa dancer. So, we’ve been left wondering if a crowd-pleasing virtual event idea great for any number of people, at all age groups, even exists. Well folks, it does and it’s magic. Yes, seriously.

Turns out, employing the talents of a virtual magician or mentalist is a surefire way entertain your friends and family. You know, without any of the added stress that comes with organizing a round of original trivia or figuring out how to explain Netflix Party to Aunt Ginnie. Put your party in the hands of a professional performer, like the mentalist Nitin Ramlall, then just sit back and enjoy the show. Here’s how it works: Those who want to volunteer to have their minds explored or their card guessed can step up to the plate, while those who’d rather observe can do so.

What exactly can a mentalist or magician do over Zoom? Nitin can uncover birthdates and anniversaries, predict what movie you’re thinking of, reveal where it is you plan to travel next post-COVID and, of course, guess which card you’ve selected from a 52 card deck. And he does it all right on screen—no hidden movements or camera tricks. Plus, unlike a real magic show, everyone has a front row seat, so they won’t miss a thing. Nitin can even customize his performance to fit the event, crafting mind-reading illusions all about the birthday girl or to celebrate your uncle’s retirement.

And unlike your virtual Dua Lipa karaoke bash (a brilliant concept best saved for an in-person post-COVID time), a magic performance works for just about any age or group size. So, go ahead and tell your birthday or engagement party invitees to bring a friend—the more the merrier!—and feel confident knowing they’ll all leave your fete thinking “but seriously, how did they do that?!” Now all that’s left to plan is what to wear to your virtual shindig



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