9 Trends That Will Be Huge in August

We know, we know: The dog days can be soooo lethargic. But lacy bikinis! Weddings that would make your grandma faint! Shows that you actually have to pay attention to! Here are nine trends to spot in August.

Lingerie Bathing Suits

Expect to do a few double takes on your next beach vacay, because lacy, racy swimsuits have exploded on the scene this summer (and can easily be mistaken for someone’s knickers…we don’t blame you for scratching your head). Think: underwire tops, lace fabrics and sheer paneling (OYE, PilyQ and For Love and Lemons are all hawking similar underpinning-esque styles)—just enough to keep you guessing whether someone actually did forget to pack their suit.

Bracelet Parties

You’ve been to book clubs, hosted an article club and tried “little bit of everything” meetings (that all quickly devolved into happy hour). The latest trend in get-togethers: bracelet parties. Here’s how it works: Invite all your friends, pay a fee, create custom bracelets (either at home or at a showroom, like the trendy Roxanne Assoulin acrylic-filled one), shmooze over snacks and wine, and voilà! The grown-up version of your 6-year-old birthday party. 

no gift weddings
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No-gift Weddings

It’s true: Millennials prefer cash over registry items. A recent study by money app Zelle found that a whopping 84 percent of couples preferred those dolla dolla bills over the KitchenAid mixer. Cons: You lose the intimacy of knowing Sam and Tanya put those fancy Williams Sonoma pans to good use. Pros: No wrapping paper required. Mazel!


Blame it on beach season, where any sort of body jewelry is encouraged, or on the resurgence of all things lowbrow (what’s that? You want to dress like you’re on a Disney cruise?). Whatever the case, your favorite middle-school accessory is back. Thankfully, it’s a bit more elevated this time around. Thin gold chains and on-trend cowrie shells to wear with your favorite sandals have replaced the rainbow embroidery threads and plastic letter beads of your youth.

toile street style
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Grandma florals had a major moment this year, but it’s time for an updated take. Introducing: chinoiserie chic. Seen all over H&M, the influencer-favorite ReformationShow Me Your MumuTibiDVFChloe...  See? Sporting the old-school dinner set pattern is all the rage.

Solo Travel

Summer is for reconnecting with family and friends, but once you’ve had enough of Uncle Joe’s weirdly inappropriate jokes, you might be ready to hop on the solo bandwagon. Whether it’s a far-off place you could explore more easily alone, or a domestic sojourn for a bit of self-indulgence, more travelers are opting to fly solo. Whatever the case: Eat, Pray, Love your heart out (while practicing your self-timer photo skills, obvi).

rhianne barreto
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Rhianne Barreto

Star of HBO’s haunting new film Share, the 21-year-old British-Iraqi actress burst onto the scene...but not without some major hurdles. She was detained at the airport in NYC during the current admin’s Muslim ban, and her Visa was denied five times (the last appeal included letters of support from senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand). Although Barreto persisted, the entire movie production was moved to Toronto. Expect to see so much more from the young star, who won one of two of Sundance’s most prestigious acting awards this year, in the coming months.

Celebrity Rosé

Is that an eye-roll? We don’t blame you. Everyone from Nicole Miller and John Legend to Jon Bon Jovi and Dave Matthews have announced their own personal brand of pink wine in the past year...some more PR stunt-y than others.

das boot netflix

Foreign Language Shows

The “channel clutter” that is Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon all vying for attention with seemingly unlimited amounts of new content does have a plus: The uptick in foreign language shows and movies with subtitles has made us explore and broaden our viewing horizons. Roma and Capernum were just the beginning. Shows like Germany’s Das Boot (starring Game of Thrones' Jaqen H'ghar), How to Sell Drugs Online Fast and the Israeli Fauda have all earned viewers’ attention...and, not gonna lie, we do feel smarter after watching. 


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