What Is The Freestyle, and Why Is Gen Z About to Be Obsessed with It?

If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s that we know what we like. And we’re honest about it—from our unfiltered social media accounts to our outspoken preferences across the board. And when it comes to entertainment (both consuming and creating), we want it all. Which is exactly why we’re calling it now: The Freestyle from Samsung will be the new *it* gadget of 2022.

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What exactly is The Freestyle?

It’s a brand-new entertainment experience from Samsung that’s really more like a personal lifestyle screen—it gives you the complete flexibility to use it how and where you want. It’s portable with a 180-degree design and a round, compact shape. You can slip it into your backpack and then point it at anything to get a big screen experience. That’s because it optimizes screen size, auto-focuses and levels the image even when pointed on an angle.

How’s the quality?

The audio is powerful, no matter where you take it. The Freestyle’s 5-watt woofer sends sound waves in every direction for a deeply immersive and cinematic audio experience. It’s perfect for things like hosting birthday parties, tailgating, projecting cool graphics (actually, it would be perfect for making really cool TikTok backdrops—just sayin’) and of course playing video games and watching movies.

You can project a 30- to 100-inch screen** onto slanted walls, floors, tables—you name it—in brilliant Full HD with The Freestyle’s Point and Play design. If you create a Samsung account and download the SmartThings app to your phone, you can further optimize your viewing experience on The Freestyle and adjust the gadget’s brightness and color settings. Smart Calibration even automatically analyzes your environment, such as wall color and lighting conditions, to help create a stunning picture.

So you don’t need to mount it anywhere?

Nope! It’s made to be mobile, and like we mentioned, it does the hard work of auto-focusing, leveling and optimizing screen size for you. It’s also compatible with external USB-connected battery banks for pack-and-go portability. All you need to do is prop it, point it and play it. That’s why it’s such a gamechanger.

Can it still stream subscription apps?

Yep! It’s got some of the same perks as a Samsung Smart TV.* You can access your streaming apps, listen to your favorite playlist and use voice assistants. You can learn, work, and watch from virtually anywhere. It’s something totally unique unto itself. It’s The Freestyle—don't call it a projector.

If after all of this, your love of dance, making art, traveling and maybe even movies comes to mind, you’ve officially caught on to why we think The Freestyle is about to be your new favorite thing. You can order it for $900, or starting at less than $20/month for 48 months.

*Includes Samsung SmartHub; external content from the Micro HDMI port and compatible devices with AirPlay 2, SmartThings or Tap View.
**Optimal screen sizes from 30"-100" measured diagonally; based on projector distance from the surface.

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